Biden to Give Commencement Address at Historically Black College, But Faculty Backlash Is Already Causing Problems: Report

The Israel-Hamas war, in addition to exposing the virulent anti-Semitism on the left, has left Joe Biden in a truly unwinnable situation.

While many in the country have lent their support to Israel, most of the left, especially the more radical segments, have staked their entire existence on “freeing” the Palestinians.

Most sane people have watched in horror as college campuses and other liberal strongholds have erupted in pro-Palestinian protests. Highways and streets have been blocked, and the already woke Oscars were affected.

Even Sleepy Joe’s State of the Union speech was impeded by the presence of pro-Hamas protesters.

And now, NBC has reported that, in light of the announcement that Biden will be giving the commencement address at Morehouse College on May 19, the faculty have been raising “concerns” regarding the possible student response.


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Specifically, NBC reported, those concerns mainly include whether Biden’s presence would cause another round of intense protests.

Biden has, despite throwing Israel under the bus in almost every imaginable way, stopped short of calling Israel’s defensive war a “genocide.”

Kendrick Brown, provost and senior vice president of student affairs at the historic black college, sent an email to faculty on Friday.

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“This week, I received an inquiry from concerned faculty about rumors they were hearing about President Biden’s selection as the 2024 Commencement speaker,” the email said.

Therefore, he invited to the rest of the faculty for a virtual meeting on Thursday, for the purposes of extending “an opportunity for faculty with different perspectives on the selection of our Commencement speaker to ask questions and make comments.”

Local Atlanta news station 11 Alive reached out to some current students of Morehouse, in an attempt to gauge their perspective on Biden’s address.

One student, sophomore Raman Enigbokan, said, “It’s not something I feel like I’d honestly partake in that commencement. … At the end of the day, this is something that’s on his political agenda to kind of maybe get more young, black voters or something.”

Enigbokan probably wasn’t all that far off in his judgement, seeing as the local paper of record, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, seemed to believe the same regarding Biden’s intentions in speaking at Morehouse.

Another student, Eugene Sledge, seemed to have a more reasonable attitude towards the whole affair, telling 11 Alive, “However you feel about Biden, having a president be willing to speak at a graduation is a tremendous honor. If there are protesters, I just hope they can do things peacefully instead of violently.”


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Oh, you sweet summer child.

If the protests at Columbia University have been any indication of how this might go, then the protests will go from bad to worse to apocalyptic (especially for Jewish students) in rapid succession.

Really, nothing Biden has said, or will say, has had any noticeable effect in cooling the vitriol of the pro-Palestinian college students.

Why, Biden had his own “very fine people on both sides” faux pas just the other day, saying, while “I condemn the anti-Semitic protests … I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s going on with the Palestinians,” CBS News reported.

Of course, the social media platform X has been set ablaze by this news, with many users either accusing Biden of pandering (which was probably true), as well as inciting their fellow radical anti-Semites to action.

Indeed, the Gaza War, together with the controversy around Biden’s commencement address, has illustrated the massive rift that has rent the left asunder ever since Oct. 7.

The virulent pro-Palestinian response has exposed the true anti-Semitism of the radical left, especially among the youth.

Not only that, but Biden’s attempts to play both sides of the debate has done nothing to appease the radical contingent of younger voters who, ironically, want Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

If the plans for his commencement address at Morehouse end up going forward, chances are that the radicals lurking at Morehouse will turn it into a messy spectacle that would not help Biden’s cause at all.

In this conflict, Biden cannot play both sides.

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