MSNBC Panel Backfires on Nat’l TV as Voters Mercilessly Shred Joe Biden

Hyper-liberal MSNBC appeared to stray from its usual propaganda as the network featured a segment that saw undecided voters leaning toward the policies of former President Donald Trump over those of President Joe Biden.

On a segment of its “Morning Joe” program Wednesday, the outlet featured clips from a focus group called “The Undecideds,” which looked at voters from battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, among others, to see where they leaned on different policies.

During the focus group, topics such as abortion, the economy and other major issues for the 2024 election were discussed.

They specifically were asked which presidential candidate they lean toward on each issue.


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While the potential voters leaned toward Biden on issues like abortion, the group was well aware of his downfalls with the economy.

When the topic was brought up, potential voters immediately began to tear the president apart.

“I think he’s been absolutely disastrous for the economy,” said Nathan, a voter in Wisconsin.

Was Donald Trump a better president than Joe Biden?

The other voters nodded in solidarity with his remark, as Pennsylvania resident Virginia said she “agreed.”

Mark Halperin, founder of 2Way and conductor of the focus group Zoom call, asked the participants to “raise your hand if you think that President Trump’s policies on the economy would be better for your family, personally.”

All eight raised their hand.

When Halperin followed up by saying “President Biden argues that his economic record has been very good, said President Trump’s was not as good,” several of the panelists smiled or even laughed at the outrageous remark.


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The moderator also spoke to Fox News about the focus group, telling that outlet, “It was one of those focus group ‘a-ha’ moments when I asked the participants, some of whom voted for Joe Biden in 2020, which of the candidates’ economic policies would be better for their family.”

“All eight decisively said ‘Trump’ — and some seemed to laugh at the notion that I would even ask the question.”

It continued as Halperin asked whether there was anything Biden could do to change people’s opinions on his economic policy. Once again, the group showed no mercy to the career politician.

“I feel like he doesn’t even take accountability at all with what’s going on in the county,” Gigi, a Pennsylvania voter, responded. “Not even accountability … he’s in denial that it’s happening.”

“The point is, Biden needs to hear the people, because when he’s talking about the economy doing stellar, he’s talking about the stock market,” lamented Omar, a voter from Michigan.

“He’s not looking at homelessness or joblessness. He’s not … thinking about how much it costs to go to the grocery store, and he’s gaslighting literally everyone in the process.”

Why MSNBC, which has consistently shown a major bias for the Democratic Party, would air this is anyone’s guess.

Perhaps they’ve finally woken up to the fact that their preferred group has major, noticeable flaws that are becoming unavoidable.

Hopefully, it can also function as a wake-up call to the many left-leaning viewers of the channel.

Joe Biden does not know how to run a country. Everything about his first term has proven that. A second term would be absolutely disastrous for anyone who isn’t one of his cohorts.

Maybe Trump sometimes says some silly things or has a point or two someone might disagree with, but at least you can afford to live under his leadership.

It’s hard to say the same with Biden, and he says even sillier things, too.

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