Vegas Police Rescue 6 Abused Children, With 2 Locked In Cages: ‘On The Brink Of Death’

(L) Amanda Stamper and (R) Travis Doss. (Photo via Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
12:11 PM – Tuesday, July 25, 2023  

Las Vegas Metro police uncovered what they called “the worst” case of child abuse they had ever seen, discovering six horribly tortured children, two of whom were kept in literal cages.


In June, officers were responding to a domestic violence report when they suddenly heard screaming, which led to them to find two children, ages nine and eleven, who were imprisoned in a dog cage and four others brutally beaten at an apartment near Flamingo Road and Valley View Boulevard in Las Vegas.

One of the kids reportedly had “two black eyes that were swollen shut, various scars and bruises all over his body, and he appeared thin,” according to authorities.

The youngster was in such an awful state that his father mistook him for being dead.

Travis Doss, the children’s guardian, has been charged with more than 40 offenses, including many counts of child abuse and even sex trafficking his wife.

Doss’s wife, Amanda Stamper, 33, was also charged with seven counts of child abuse, one for each of their seven children, including their 2-year-old daughter. The 2-year-old daughter is the only biological offspring she has with Doss.

Insider sources who spoke to the press alleged that Doss is a known pimp and Stamper is a sex worker working in the Vegas district.

Together, they shared a one-bedroom, one-bathroom extended-stay apartment with the seven children, who are all under the age of 11-years-old.

The police body cam footage of the children and their living conditions, acquired first by 8NewsNow, showed authorities struggling to enter the locked flat before discovering the horrific circumstances inside.

When authorities entered, their flashlights uncovered the distraught children in cages and a playful pitbull roaming free.

The cops escorted the children out of the flat and outside into the sunlight, where they began to describe their parents’ abuse tactics, which included being beaten with belts, ropes, and even a frying pan.

The emaciated child who was in the cage claimed that despite being a “big boy now,” he was not provided enough food to eat and would have to split “one large fry from McDonalds” with his siblings or eat the food “in the trash.”

“He hit my face in the cage because I was squished up trying to get out of the cage because I didn’t do anything and I was freaking out,” the child told officers in the body footage.

The shocking finding came initially after authorities were summoned to a Walgreens store across the street from Stamper’s apartment. The incoming police reports claimed that a man was loudly threatening to murder a woman, according to 8News Now.

Stamper informed authorities that Doss told her that he had kicked the caged child in the head so hard that he just assumed the child was dead.

She also told local news that she was the victim of serious domestic violence and was unable to seek help because she was afraid of Doss’s reprisal.

“I was abused as well, not just them. He would use my children and my family if I was ever to call the police like he would go find my family and my kids, he’s just a really violent person” she told an outlet. 

Stamper’s public defense argued that she did not physically harm the children herself because “if she had done anything, she would have been subjected to serious, serious abuse.”

However, prosecutors asserted that they were aware that Stamper worked as a sex worker under the discretion of Doss, but that she was also aware of the continuous abuse.

Doss and Stamper both appeared in court on Tuesday, and both pleaded not guilty.

This is a developing story.

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