Firefighters Rescue 9 Kittens After Home Housing Local Rescue Supplies and Kittens Catches on Fire

When a fire broke out at a home in Delhi Township, Michigan, on Wednesday evening, multiple lives were threatened.

Not only did the home belong to a local family, but they were heavily involved in the cat rescue “Saved by Zade” and were housing nine kittens.

Thankfully, the rescue’s founder, Jodi Schader, was on site at the time of the fire, which allowed first responders to be notified quickly once the fire broke out.

According to WLNS-TV, firefighters were able to help rescue the pets inside, including three 3- to 4-month-old kittens and the six bottle babies that were being cared for in the home.


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While some of the felines were scared, wet and covered in soot, they soon were doing much better after receiving oxygen and getting cleaned up.

Every human was safe as well, WLNS reported.

“The house fire at Heather Haven Road, Holt, Michigan was alarming to the Saved by Zade owner and volunteers,” Saved by Zade posted on Facebook. “The owners have been long time, experienced volunteers with the organization that advocates feline overpopulation and humane treatment of cats.

“The founder of SBZ, Jodi, was at the residence at the outbreak of the fire. The priority of Jodi, and the two other volunteers onsite, was to secure the safety of the kittens on the property.

“The seasoned volunteer homeowner at the time had 3 kittens at 3-4 months old, and six bottle baby kittens at three weeks old. All foster kittens are in good health. No fatalities or injuries have been reported.”

Constellation Cat Cafe in East Lansing has taken in some of the kittens, and Saved by Zade wrote in a Facebook update that one unaccounted-for kitty later was found by using a safe live trap.

The garage of the home sustained extensive damage, and sadly, it was where the rescue stored the majority of its donations and supplies.

“The fire at a Saved By Zade volunteer’s in Holt has had a devastating effect on the Saved by Zade efforts,” the rescue shared on Thursday. “This home is where most of the non-profit rescue’s Amazon and Chewy wish list items were shipped to and stored.


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“The fire destroyed at least three incubators, cat enclosures, 20 lbs. of Breeder’s Edge, scales, nebulizer, bottles, traps, and uncountable pounds of food and litter, office and cleaning supplies.”

The rescue is seeking donations to rebuild its supplies, as it is “the middle of ‘kitten season’ and these resources are critical.”

The cause of the fire was still under investigation, according to WLNS.

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