WNBA Scrambles to Deal with Angel Reese Ejection as Controversy Takes Next Step

The WNBA has rescinded the second technical foul called on Chicago Sky forward Angel Reese as the soap opera of the rookie seasons of Reese and Caitlin Clark moves forward.

Reese was slapped with two technical fouls on Tuesday as the Chicago Sky were losing their game against the New York Liberty after she appeared to argue with the referee who had just called her for her fifth personal foul of the game. She was then ejected.

On Wednesday, hours after Chicago Bulls player Lonzo Ball offered to pay Reese’s fine, the WNBA said the second technical was vanishing into the never-never land of things that happened but didn’t, without offering an explanation, according to The New York Times.

Reese’s first technical foul came because she “disrespectfully” addressed official Charles Watson, lead official Maj Forsberg said after the game. The second foul was for waving her hand “in resentment to” the first call.


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“Since these were two separate acts, the combination of two technicals resulted in Angel Reese being ejected from the game,” Forsberg said.

“I tried to get an explanation. I did not,” Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon said after the game, according to ESPN. “I don’t know to this moment what has happened.”

Reese and Clark have been lightning rods for comment during their rookie seasons. However, commentator Dan Patrick said that while Reese sells the sizzle of her personality, Clark is the reason the WNBA is a household name in 2024, according to Outkick.

Do you like Angel Reese?

Reese’s “attention, her notoriety is based off Caitlin Clark because she wins the national title, the first thing she does is mock Caitlin Clark,” Patrick said on his radio show. “And then, she doesn’t even celebrate with her teammates. So, she’s made it personal with Caitlin Clark. Then, she’s played off of that.”

“Even Caitlin Clark getting knocked down in the game on Saturday. Who’s standing up applauding but Angel Reese? So, she’s sort of embraced a Draymond Green role here. But the eyeballs on the WNBA really have to do with Caitlin Clark,” he said.


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“WNBA has been around a couple of decades and people didn’t notice the game — they’re noticing it now. Well, that’s because of Caitlin Clark, not Angel Reese,” Patrick added.

“Angel Reese has played a role in this and she’s a very good player. But there’s nothing about her game that’s really interesting that is going to translate to people who may not watch the WNBA, may not care about basketball,” he said.

“She is a social media star, and she has capitalized on that, and maybe she embraces being the villain. But make no mistake about it, Caitlin Clark is the reason why everybody has an opinion on what happened in that game.”

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