Gavin Newsom Celebrates Californian Economy on Twitter, Gets Fact-Checked Immediately

Does anything ever go well for Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom on social media platform X?

Not too far back, when asking for design submissions for a new coin on the site, he was flooded with troll submissions pointing at all the catastrophes that he and his fellow Democrats in the state legislature have caused.

Nearly every post he makes is flooded with replies pointing to the immense failures of his administration, drowning out any actual supporters that he might have on the site.


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And now, after he had the gall to go on the social media platform to brag about the California economy, despite it being in shambles for the majority of people, the replies were flooded with reality checks for the disillusioned governor.

Newsom posted Tuesday with a link to an article from Fortune, bragging that the Golden State sat atop the magazine’s list of states with the most Fortune 500 companies.

“For the first time since 2014, the Golden State beat out Texas and New York to become home to the most Fortune 500 companies, with an impressive 57 companies within its borders,” the article proclaimed. “Texas and New York, which both tied for second, have 52 companies each.”

The Democrat was quick to brag about this fact, stating that it was “Huge — and something you definitely won’t hear on Fox News tonight.”

While Newsom was riding high with the good publicity and catchy headline, others on the site were quick to drag him back to reality.

“Cool, the rich are getting really, really rich and the middle class are becoming poor! Welcome to sunny, socialist California!!” replied one user.


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“Well, I certainly hope so since it is the most populous state and has 28 percent more people than the next most populous state,” commented another user.

Some pointed out that a significant number of Fortune 500 firms have been fleeing the Golden State.

“Having a delusional, corrupt, completely inept, and not super bright governor definitely sucks,” one pointed out, quoting an article from a real estate website that said, “California experienced a net loss of eight F500 firms in the past six years, with seven of California’s eight losses going to Texas.”

Countless users brought up the fact that the state is roughly $1.6 trillion in debt, not exactly a sign of great economic prosperity.

Whatever flex Newsom thought this article was going to be, it wasn’t.

Instead, it served as a great reminder of how bad the California economy is for the average person and how immensely out of touch its leader is.

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