9 NFL Teams Stand Their Ground, Refuse to Celebrate ‘Pride Month’

The NFL is rife with supplication to the LGBT lobby, but nine teams apparently have opted out of celebrating “Pride Month” despite the league’s bending of the knee to the radical gay agenda.

According to a look at franchises’ official websites and social media accounts and a review of their plans for June, less than a third of the teams made no mention of the LGBT “pride” celebration, OutKick’s Armando Salguero reported Monday.

As of early Tuesday afternoon, the teams that seemed to have opted out of the LGBT agenda were the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans.

Salguero examined the 32 NFL teams and found that all those in the AFC East and the NFC West had sent out celebratory posts on the X social media platform on Saturday at the start of “Pride Month.”

The AFC North saw three of its four teams remaining silent about the month. Meanwhile, the AFC West and NFC South had two teams each mention the month while two teams remained silent.


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The NFL itself did not immediately put out its own X post celebrating “pride” and instead just shared posts from the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars.

This is not to say that the NFL as an organization is pulling back from its support for the radical LGBT movement. The league still donates millions to gay-centered organizations and supports the gay agenda in a number of other ways, such as its partnership with the extremist group GLAAD.

Still, the visibility of the league’s “pride” celebration this year is quite different from 2021, when it posted a video that claimed “Football Is Gay.”

That perhaps shows that the fervor for the yearly LGBT celebration is waning.

Many teams, of course, went all out to commemorate the month.

The Washington Commanders, for instance, declared, “Football is for everyone” — and even invited fans to attend the D.C. “pride” parade.


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The Buffalo Bills didn’t just post about the month with gay and trans flag emojis but also temporarily changed their social media header to reflect the LGBT rainbow colors.

The Philadelphia Eagles changed their logo to use the colors of the rainbow and said, “We celebrate and stand with the LGBTQ+ community.”

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions touted a line of LGBT merchandise on their social media accounts.

After being on OutKick’s list of teams that hadn’t celebrated “Pride Month,” the Green Bay Packers changed that with an X post on Tuesday afternoon.

While some teams are continuing to celebrate the activist month, some seem to have pulled back. It may just be indicative of football finally pulling back from over-the-top celebrations of people’s sexuality and getting back to playing football.

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