Episcopal Church Fully Capitulates, Alters Logo to Support LGBT ‘Pride’

While the Episcopal Church has not exactly been a bastion of conservatism and Christian orthodoxy for many years now, its recent unveiling of an LGBT “pride” logo signaled its final capitulation to secular forces.

The church — the American branch of the Anglican Communion — had already lent its public support to questionable causes over the last century.

The original Anglican branch was the first Christian denomination to approve the use of birth control in 1930, a controversial decision and capitulation to secular culture that paved the way for the support of gay rights in the 1970s and “trans” rights in the modern day.

On May 16, the Episcopal Church took things to the next level with a news release touting a “Pride shield.”

The church’s ancient shield was revised to include elements of the LGBT “Pride” and “Pride Progress” flags.


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As Not the Bee — the Babylon Bee’s nonsatirical sister site — explained, the traditional logo for the Episcopal Church is a red cross on a white shield, the standard for England’s patron saint, St. George, a Roman martyr most renowned for slaying a demonic dragon.

In the news release, the Episcopal Church boasted about the ways it has caved to the secular culture, with its approvals of gay marriage and women’s ordination and the recent hiring of a “gender justice staff officer.”

Do you approve of this move by the Episcopal Church?

That officer, Aaron Scott, approved of the logo change with a statement that could have come straight from the Democratic Party.

“In the United States, the bodily autonomy of women and trans people is under attack, and fully 50% of LGBTQ+ Americans live in poverty,” said Scott, a woman who claims to be a man.

“I am grateful for the care and intention that went into designing this new Pride shield as it not only represents the LGBTQ+ community more fully, but also lifts those who, out of sheer necessity of survival and dignity, have fought the hardest and sacrificed the most for the thriving of all of us,” she said.

Of course, this self-congratulatory move did not meet with universal acclaim from the Christian community.

Psychiatrist and author Jordan Peterson shared the new logo on social media along with a biblical reference.


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“Soon the abomination of desolation will be put in the highest place,” he wrote, using a term from Daniel 12:11.

Christian podcaster Craig Chamberlin reposted the logo and wrote, “The devils end goal is always to make a mockery of that which God created. Always.”

Pastor and musician Steve Camp likewise had some choice words about the “Pride shield.”

“The apostasy of the Episcopal Church is now clear for everyone to see in their new coat of arms,” he said on X. “Romans 1:18-28. Repent from your sin or reap the eternal fruit of disobedience.”

And they were all absolutely correct.

While the LGBT shield has not replaced the traditional shield (yet), the fact the Episcopal Church created it and encouraged its adoption symbolizes the church’s complete surrender to the forces of wokeness and the secular world.

It has spit in the face of God and ignored his clear commands just to conform to what is fashionable in society.

This illustrates the importance of Christian denominations holding fast to the doctrines and teachings of Christ in the Bible, no matter the pressure from the secular culture.

Drift can happen alarmingly fast, to the point where an Episcopalian from 100 years probably wouldn’t even recognize the Episcopal Church of today.

Because, despite its claims to the contrary, whoever the church worships now certainly isn’t God.

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