Biden’s Got a Big Problem: 28 Delegates Now ‘Uncommitted’

As President Joe Biden approaches a rematch with former President Donald Trump, Democrats are sending a message of dissatisfaction to their own incumbent.

Throughout the primary season, activists have urged Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in presidential primaries to show the clout of the pro-Palestinian wing of the party.

In Kentucky, that resulted in almost 18 percent of voters picking “uncommitted,” enough to send five delegates to the Democratic National Convention, according to The Hill.

To date, at least 28 convention delegates are pledged to the “uncommitted” movement.

That’s nowhere near the threat to Biden winning the nomination. The president has 3,750 delegates.


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But in a contest where many polls show Biden trailing Trump, it’s not a positive sign that during the primary season, more than 682,000 voters picked “uncommitted” or wrote in someone else, according to the Washington Examiner.

States where the movement has been the most active include Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin and Washington.

Will Biden face more discord within the Democratic base?

Miracle Jones, an organizer with Uncommitted PA, said Biden could pay if he does not heed the voice of progressives wanting American policy to tilt against Israel.

“When Pennsylvania shows up to the polls for the historic November election, we will inevitably see fractured Democratic election results if Biden refuses to drastically change course now,” he said.

One policy change that drew applause was Biden’s move to hold back arms from Israel, according to The Hill.

“Biden’s announcement to halt American arms for Israel’s Rafah invasion marks a step forward, propelled by our growing anti-war movement,” Layla Elabed, spokesperson for the Uncommitted National Movement, said in a statement.

“But, as the Democratic Party has fractured over Israel’s atrocities in Gaza over the past several months, Biden’s actions will always speak louder than his words.”


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Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida noted that the protest vote has already made Biden pander to pro-Palestinian activists through projects such as the Gaza Pier, built to deliver food to Gaza, according to Fox News.

“When you have over 100,000 Democrats in the state of Michigan … go and vote against him in the Democrat primary – over 100,000 – that is a heck of a scary political moment for this White House,” Waltz said.

“We’ve seen the policy shifts towards Israel ever since, from Schumer calling for regime change on the Senate floor to the kind of bashing of Netanyahu, to the promising a change in policy if the Israelis carry out their offensive in Rafah … that has all been a signal to the youth vote,” the lawmaker added.

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