Hamas Terrorists Release Video Of Hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin, Proving He Survived Oct. 7 Attack

Friends of the kidnapped Hersh Goldberg-Polin hold a sign calling for his return at a demonstration for the kidnapping deal near the Knesset, on March 31, 2024, in Jerusalemm Israel. (Photo by Yahel Gazit / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP) (Photo by YAHEL GAZIT/Middle East Images/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Brooke Mallory
5:29 PM – Wednesday, April 24, 2024

On Wednesday, Hersh Goldberg-Polin, an Israeli-American hostage who was captured on October 7th, is seen in a recent video that was released by Hamas. This is first evidence of its kind proving that he is allegedly still alive.


At least 1,200 people were killed and over 200 were taken captive during Hamas’ onslaught on Israel. Goldberg-Polin, 23 years old at the time, was abducted from the Nova Music Festival.

In the released footage, the hostage is seen missing his left arm.

According to a young woman who has now been released and gave statements to the press, she was in a bunker with him during the Hamas onslaught, and he assisted in hurling grenades prior to having his arm blown off from the elbow down.

In the most recent video, Goldberg-Polin speaks to the camera while seated in a chair. He identifies himself, stating his date of birth and parents’ names while sporadically making gestures with his wounded arm.

In his statement, he explains that he has been there “for almost 200 days.”

In the video, Goldberg-Polin’s hair is cut short, and there are multiple wounds showing on his body.

Like other Israeli hostages in Hamas propaganda movies, it appears that the terrorists forced Goldberg-Polin to condemn Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on film.

In the video, Goldberg-Polin later speaks about Israeli government ministers having holiday dinners with their families, ostensibly alluding to the Jewish holiday of Passover, which started on Monday night and is customarily marked by a family meal.

Goldberg-Polin concludes the video by stating that he hopes he was able to provide the public with some consolation, and he urges his own family to stand strong for him.

Two days before Hamas released the video, the Biden administration obtained it after being in communication with the terrorists. Goldberg-Polin’s family has also been informed of the video.

The Goldberg-Polin family called for the quick release of their son and the other hostages who were still being held in Gaza after the video was made public.

“Seeing the video of Hersh today is overwhelming. We are relieved to see him alive, but we are also concerned about his health and wellbeing, as well as that of all the other hostages and all of those suffering in this region,” his parents, Rachel Goldberg-Polin and Jon Polin, said in a video statement.

The FBI’s Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell is now actively reviewing the footage in an effort to find any new information or possible clues about Goldberg-Polin’s specific location.

“Bring Hersh Home” can be seen on banners and murals throughout Jerusalem, and his parents Rachel and Jonathan, frequently meet with senior U.S. officials in Washington in order to advocate for the captives.

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