The Next Caitlin Clark? New Star Lucy Olsen Already Getting Praise as She Heads to Iowa

When Iowa’s women’s basketball team tries to make it to the national championship game for the third straight year next season, one of college basketball’s top scorers will be there.

No, Caitlin Clark is not coming back. Instead, Villanova guard Lucy Olsen is transferring to Iowa, according to the New York Post.

“New beginnings,” she posted on X as Clark supported the post with exclamation points and flame emojis.


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With an average of 23.3 points per game, Olsen was the NCAA’s No. 3 scorer last year, behind Clark and USC’s JuJu Watkins, according to the Post.

Olsen, who was a unanimous All-Big East first-team selection, led Villanova in assists, steals and minutes played.  Olsen started 105 games for Villanova and scored 134 three-pointers.

Olsen said she, like much of America, was glued to the TV watching Clark and Iowa reach the NCAA championship game, which Iowa lost to South Carolina.

“They were so fun to watch. Caitlin Clark was so amazing,” Olsen told the Des Moines Register.

Do you watch Women’s college basketball?

“And I tried to learn from Caitlin. Every night, just trying to learn from her. I tried to pick up her change of pace and how she does it,” she said.

Olsen said she is not Clark 2.0.

“Caitlin Clark is Caitlin Clark. I’m not going to try to be her,” Olsen said. “But they need a point guard, and it’s a perfect opportunity to try to make something happen.”

Olsen said she chose Iowa not just because of Clark.

“They were just the nicest ever,” Olsen said. “And then when we got on campus for a visit, I was like, ‘Wow, this feels like family already.’ There was something about the culture they’ve built (that) felt so like home. That’s what sold me.”


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Her philosophy is simple. “I just love to win,” she said.

“Whatever coach needs me to do: scoring, assists, defense,” Olsen said. “Yeah, I’m there to win.”

Iowa associate head coach Jan Jensen said Iowa’s talent losses do not mean it will not compete next year, according to CBS.

“You don’t see her a lot right now, but one of the best shooters I’ve ever seen is Taylor McCabe,” Jensen said. “If we can put other players around her she is really lethal.”

McCabe averaged eight minutes per game as a sophomore and shot 35-for-76 in her three-point attempts.

Hannah Stuelke, the team’s second-leading scorer, and Sydney Affolter, who averaged 8.4 points and 6.4 rebounds last year, will also be returning.

Jensen said sophomore forward Jada Gyamfi, who averaged four minutes in 20 games, can also help Iowa win.

“We understand there is Caitlin. And I think North Carolina understood there was Michael Jordan. But North Carolina still competed. They didn’t end their program, they didn’t close it, right? You have to become your best version without a generational talent,” Jensen said.

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