‘America Needs Jesus’: Tucker Carlson Sits Down with ‘the Christian Nationalist They Warned You About’

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently spoke with Pastor Doug Wilson, who leads Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, describing him as “the Christian nationalist they warned you about.”

Carlson — who now runs his own eponymous streaming platform — introduced the interview on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” program by saying that President Joe Biden, in his re-election bid, is running against Christianity itself.

“Of course, you’re not going to say, ‘I’m running against Christianity,’ the world’s largest religion. You’re going to say, ‘I’m running against something called Christian nationalism,’” the conservative firebrand explained.

Democrats are seeking to make “traditional Christianity seem like a threat to the country rather than the principle upon which it was founded,” Carlson argued.

He characterized Wilson, author of the book “Mere Christendom,” as one of the “rare American Christian pastors who is willing to engage on questions of culture and politics.”


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Or, as Carlson phrased it in the post that carried the video to the social media platform X, Wilson is “the Christian nationalist they warned you about.”

Carlson asked the preacher to define Christian nationalism.

Wilson pointed out that “one of the talking heads” in the establishment media — he was referring to MSNBC panelist and Politico journalist Heidi Przybyla — recently distinguished Christian nationalists from just Christians by saying the former believes that rights ultimately come from God, not government.

By that definition, Thomas Jefferson, the drafter of the Declaration of Independence, would be considered a Christian nationalist by the left, he said.

“The left really does hate Christianity,” Wilson contended.

And he had an explanation for why that is.


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“They want to control absolutely everything, because they’re aspiring to deity,” he said.

“The reason they’re aspiring to deity is because they don’t recognize any God above them.”

If there is no God then “the state becomes god, and it assumes the prerogatives of deity,” he explained.

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Wilson pointed out that was the very temptation that the devil laid before Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: If they would disobey the Creator’s command, “You shall be as God.”

The pastor believes there is no political solution to the nation’s spiritual condition.

“The United States needs to repent of its sin, to use an old-fashioned term … and turn back to God,” Wilson said. “That’s what is necessary and we need preachers who are willing to tell them to do that, to proclaim that this is what you must do.”

The message is not condemnation, but redemption and salvation through accepting Christ’s death for the people’s sins and becoming born again.

Wilson concluded: “So America needs Jesus. America doesn’t need to turn over a new leaf, America needs a new life.”

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