Fox News Crushes Top Two Competitors Combined as CNN Hits All-Time Low

Fox News was the country’s most-watched cable news network for the first quarter of 2024, attracting more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined, the network announced on Tuesday.

Citing numbers from Nielsen, Fox announced the numbers for the first three months of the year in a victory lap over its far-left competitors.

CNN’s ratings are at a 33-year low – an embarrassing position for a network that has spent almost 10 years on the attack against Donald Trump and conservative Americans.

MSNBC, the home of deranged leftist talking heads such as Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow fared better, but not by much.

“Fox News averaged two million viewers during primetime from 7-11 p.m. ET to finish No. 1 in cable during the first quarter, while MSNBC managed 1.2 million and CNN settled for only 606,000 average viewers,” Fox News announced.


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The numbers mean Fox News remained America’s most popular network in primetime for the 89th consecutive quarter — a remarkable 22 years straight, dating back to 2002.

While the company alienated many conservatives last year when now-former host Tucker Carlson was inexplicably taken off the air at the top of his game, the dust has settled.

At the end of the day, Americans who still tune in and watch cable news made their preferences clear for another quarter.

The market for those who want to watch MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace throw fits and scripts is shrinking:

There were fewer CNN viewers from January to March than at any other time in the history of the network – which launched in 1980 and revolutionized the news industry.

No amount of staffing changes, lineup shuffles and CEO resignations has helped attract people to the dying network.

Not even Charles Barkley could help.

In the first quarter of the year, CNN only attracted an average of 467,000 daily viewers, according to Fox.


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In the age 25-54 demographic most sought after by advertisers, CNN averaged only 85,000 of them daily – which shockingly beat MSNBC, which averaged 82,000.

Meanwhile, Fox News averaged 1.3 million daily viewers and 156,000 in the demo.

Americans entered another crucial election year and fewer of them than ever had an interest in being misled by CNN’s omissions and carefully crafted anti-conservative narratives.

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Meanwhile, MSNBC has begun to corner the market on liberal insanities – the viewers seeking confirmation bias and promises of how Trump will soon be remanded to a jail cell.

But with only 82,000 average viewers among a demographic that is desperately needed to justify ad rates, even MSNBC appears to be headed for trouble.

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