Watch: Biden Recounts Favorite Time With His Grandkids – It’s Seriously Creeping People Out

President Joe Biden seems to have gaffed once again.

This time during an interview with the “Today” show’s Al Roker on Easter Monday, President Biden was asked about his favorite White House memory.

Biden shared one about his grandkids jumping in his bed … they are mostly adults.

“Our kids jumping in bed with us, well our grandkids, when they’re down here, just sneaking up and jumping in bed with us. That’s my favorite memory here. They love it,” Biden told Roker.

Here’s the clip posted to X by the account End Wokeness.


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While that seems to be a fond memory on the surface, the New York Post broke down the ages of Biden’s grandkids, which makes the remark just strange.

“Biden has seven grandchildren, six of whom he has met and five of whom are over the age of 18. Attorney Naomi Biden, 30, is Biden’s eldest grandchild and lived at the White House briefly ahead of her November 2022 wedding to Peter Neal. Four more of Biden’s grandkids — Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie and Hunter — are between the ages of 18 and 23. The sixth, first son Hunter Biden’s four-year-old Beau, is frequently seen with the president in public, including ahead of a family vacation over Easter weekend to Camp David in Maryland.”

Was Biden’s answer strange?

Biden only publicly recognized the seventh, Navy Joan, 5, last July.

He has yet to meet her.

The comment then doesn’t seem to really add up and is yet another example of the president saying things that sound good in the moment while forgetting that anyone with a critical eye can actually investigate these things.

The president’s mind has seemingly been failing for some time.

Just last week he claimed to have taken a train across the Baltimore Bridge, which is only accessible to automobiles.


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While the lead up to his election in 2020 put more of a microscope on Biden’s remarks, we shouldn’t forget he’s been putting his foot in his mouth long before this.

My personal favorite comes from the 2008 campaign trail when he told Missouri State Sen. Chuck Graham to stand up.

Sen. Graham was wheelchair bound.

It’s no wonder the White House tries to hide Biden and limit his press exposure.

What is a wonder is how Democrats continue to defend Biden’s mental state while also criticizing former President Donald Trump’s.

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