LSU’s Angel Reese Complains That She’s Been ‘Sexualized’ After March Madness Loss

LSU forward Angel Reese was understandably emotional on Monday night after Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes sent her and the Tigers home with a gritty 94-87 victory in the NCAA Tournament in Albany, New York.

But one of her postgame comments has some people scratching their heads — and rightly so.

Reese, a junior from Baltimore, complained that since she and her teammates won last year’s national championship game against Iowa, she has been “sexualized.”

When explaining how she would overcome the adversity of losing, the 21-year-old “Bayou Barbie” said she would be strong and also claimed she had been heavily targeted since last April, when she became a national star.

“I’ve been through so much. I’ve seen so much. I’ve been attacked so many times. Death threats, I’ve been sexualized, I’ve been threatened, I’ve been so many things, and I’ve stood strong,” Reese told reporters.


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She added she never wanted her teammates to see her appear weak and that she has not been happy since LSU took home last year’s title.

As one of the most visible players in women’s hoops, there is little doubt that Reese has experienced a lot of attention and that much of it has been negative.

Will Iowa win the national championship?

But it is worth noting that as far as being “sexualized” is concerned, she posed in a variety of bikinis for Sports Illustrated last year and her social media accounts include posts of her barely dressed.

That does not excuse anyone who might have said something disgusting or dehumanizing to Reese, but it is a fact that was not lost on people who watched Monday night’s game and also saw her comments.


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Reese is a talented star who has helped elevate her team to the highest of highs in recent years, which is why her distress Monday night is understandable.

But on Monday, Clark and Iowa were simply the better team – defeating the Tigers in a game that was closer than the final score indicated.

Iowa, which stood for the national anthem when LSU did not, led big at several points, only to see the Tigers claw their way back.

In 40 minutes of her revenge tour, Clark put up nine 3-pointers for a total of 41 points as she continues to make history and inspire people.

She also led the game in assists.

Reese, a talented star in her own right, simply didn’t have the night many expected or the one she would have preferred.

She ended the night with 17 points, 20 rebounds and five missed free throws in 36 minutes on the court. The performance contributed to LSU’s tournament exit and her postgame disappointment.

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