Insane: Illegal Alien Families Given Nearly 7 Times More Money Benefits Than Military Families in NYC

There’s something terribly wrong with our country when people who enter it illegally are receiving more help than deployed service members and their families.

While New York City Mayor Eric Adams is rolling out the red carpet with prepaid debit cards, stays at hotels for free, and free food, those who serve are left with little.

Last week, Fox News reported that Army Capt. Christopher Wilson, who was deployed as part of the Korean Response Force, wrote a letter to Congress detailing a pay discrepancy for soldiers in his company. When deployed, those soldiers made less than when working in the United States.

A February report in the Military Times stated that Wilson’s company received around $460 ($452.56 per Fox) a month in basic allowance.

While deployed, they are deducted $399 monthly for meals even if they don’t use dining halls on military bases.


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While receiving incentive pay of $195 a month, deployed soldiers still lose $200 a month. If they have families, they receive $250 additionally.

Given the numbers, over a nine month deployment, soldiers are making $1,860 less than they would have had they not deployed for that time, Fox reported.

Consider then the new debit card scheme in New York. Mayor Adam’s plan, now underway, involves giving illegals about $360 monthly for each person, which is over $1,400 per family of four.

As Fox summarized, “Thus, while an average military family is suffering from a deficit of $1,860 over a period of nine months, a similarly sized illegal migrant family is being given nearly seven times more by virtue of illegally occupying the country.”

Was the border crisis created on purpose?

Let’s try to put this simply. If you deploy and serve on behalf of your country, you can lose money. If you enter the country illegally, you gain a monthly allowance for doing nothing other than breaking the law and being a burden to society.

Advocates for change say exclusions from taxes, which would reduce deductions for deployed service members, should cover all deployments, not just those in combat zones.

Currently, the Combat Zone Tax Exclusion only extends to those in places deemed combat zones, with other deployed service members paying deductions.

While members of Congress have brought this concern to light, like California Republican Rep. Mike Garcia who brought the issue to the House Armed Services Committee, the problem remains.

Rep. Garcia called this issue a retention issue and, consequently, an issue of national security.


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Disregard deploying, can you blame anyone for not enlisting?

We are telling service members and veterans that people who break the law are more important than they are.

The cost of caring for illegals will cost New York potentially $12 billion dollars over the next three years.

This shows who NYC Democrats really care about.

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