White House Issues Disgraceful Response to Video of Illegal Immigrant Mob Plowing Over Border Agents

The White House is taking heat after turning an outrageous breach of our border security in Texas into an attack on Republicans.

The incident that sparked the absurd White House reply occurred on Thursday when more than 100 illegal border crossers busted through the razor wire in El Paso and rushed the border, knocking over border guards, and streaming across the border, the New York Post reported.

According to reports, the Texas National Guard was trying to deal with the group of illegals when they rushed the soldiers and rushed toward the border.


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Of course, all this happened thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous, open-door border policy. So, how did Biden respond to all this?

He blamed Republicans, of course.

An official White House message was posted to X by Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins. “We are grateful for Border Patrol’s quick work to get the situation under control and apprehend the migrants.

“When the former President told Congressional Republicans to block the bipartisan border security agreement — he said to blame him for it,” the White House message exclaimed.

Is the border crisis Biden’s fault?

“Well he got his wish, and the result was chaos after Governor Abbott’s Operational Lone Star and razor wire were overrun yesterday. While we cannot comment on individual cases, anyone who does not have a legal basis to remain in the United States is promptly removed,” the White House concluded.

Of course, the border bill that Biden was railing about would have done little to solve the problem of illegals streaming across the border. And it was defeated in the U.S. Senate in February.

The bill would have put $20 million into more border agents and more detention facilities. But not necessarily to stop border crossers. Instead, it was meant to fund processing them.


Literal Godsend? Trump Gets $3 Billion Gift Days Before Huge Bond Due

As Texas Sen. Ted Cruz noted at the time, that the bill “does not solve the problem,” The Hill reported.

“This bill was designed not to secure the border. Instead, this bill codified Joe Biden’s open borders,” Cruz said.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn, also of Texas, echoed Cruz and added, “The fact of the matter is we have no confidence, zero confidence, that the Biden administration will enforce the law when it comes to the border.”

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene labeled the bill a “migrant first” bill.

The truth is, when Biden came to office and rescinded nearly all of Donald Trump’s border security measures, he created this mess. But, clearly, Biden intends to use his own border crisis as a weapon to attack Donald Trump. The question is, will America fall for it?

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