Watch: Biden Bizarrely Wanders Off Stage During Speech

Everyone knows that when you get a pair of spiffy new shoes, you can’t resist walking about in them.

And so it was with President Joe Biden on Tuesday as he arrived in Phoenix for a “Latinos for Biden-Harris” event at a Mexican restaurant. Biden was recently outfitted with new shoes to help avoid issues with falling.

As a speaker Fox News identified as Julie Chávez Rodríguez was outlining her reasons to support the president, Biden meandered away from the podium where she was speaking, out of camera view.

The camera caught up with Biden seconds later, as he was speaking to a mother with a baby.


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Biden then proceeded to sit with the woman and make a fuss over the baby as the speakers continued.

“How old?” Biden asked at one point, according to Fox News.

Finally, Biden was introduced.

“Well, folks, I have to tell you straight up. I like you all, but I couldn’t resist that little baby,” Biden said as he took the podium.

Is Biden fit for office?

In a separate interview, Biden said former President Donald Trump does not deserve Hispanic votes.

“This guy despises Latinos. I understand Latino values,” he said, according to The New York Times.

Karoline Leavitt, a representative of the Trump campaign, said Biden cares more “about illegal immigrant criminals than American citizens.”

“President Trump will secure the southern border and deport illegal criminals to protect ALL American citizens,” Leavitt said.

In summing up polling to date, the Times noted that polls show Trump tops 40 percent of the Hispanic votes, which would be the highest in about 20 years. Some polls put Trump ahead among Hispanic voters.


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Hispanic voters are about 25 percent of the electorate in swing states such as Nevada and Arizona.

“All the data we’ve seen since the 2016 elections suggests there’s considerable weakening of Democratic support among Hispanics,” Ruy Teixeira, a longtime Democratic political analyst, said according to Reuters, noting Democrats are targeting the wrong issues.

“They are dancing around the number one issue — high prices,” he said. “It’s not what working-class voters want out of a political party.”

“Democrats are letting us down and over and over,” George Rodriguez, 57, of Las Vegas said, according to The New York Times.

“They’re losing us because we don’t want handouts. We don’t want — we don’t need your hug. We want a direction. We want jobs,” he said.

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