Trump Slams the Idea of Taylor Swift Endorsing Biden, Fills Us in on Opinion of ‘Liberal’ Travis Kelce Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

Former President Donald Trump said Sunday that President Joe Biden does not deserve pop star Taylor Swift’s endorsement.

Last month, a report in The New York Times suggested that Biden campaign advisers are captivated by the idea that Swift’s legions of loyal fans might be energized to support the president and perhaps part with their cash as they do so.

Trump said Swift should stand by the man who helped her cash in on her fame.

“I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other Musical Artists. Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor, and never will,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

As noted by the Verge, Trump signed the Music Modernization Act into law in October 2018. The law made it easier for artists to be paid when their music is streamed online.


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Trump posted that in light of that, “There’s no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the History of our Country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money.

“Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!” Trump said referring to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who is not only in a relationship with Swift, but with drugmaker Pfizer to encourage Americans to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Rolling Stone recently ruminated about the complexities of Swift, who backed Biden in 2020, wading into the 2024 presidential election.

“Joe Biden might be counting on Taylor Swift to save him, but voters are looking at these sky-high inflation rates and saying, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’” Trump adviser Jason Miller wrote in an email in response.

Do you agree with Trump?

Trump pollster John McLaughlin piled on, saying “Since Biden is so weak, they need others to shore up his credibility. Won’t matter [since] his disapproval is driving the race. Voters aren’t fools.”

“Celeb endorsements of Biden are like donating to Nikki Haley. They are a means of virtue signaling. It’s like wearing a medical mask in public after Covid.” he said. “Celebrities can endorse Biden, but it doesn’t lower inflation, stop wars, fix the border or lower crime. Biden’s job approval still sucks. So Trump is still winning and will win.”

John Mark Hansen, a political science professor at the University of Chicago, echoed that position, according to the Telegraph.

“The evidence indicates that endorsements have no discernible effect,” he said.

“The only story you could tell about Taylor Swift is that it might sway a few younger voters who don’t have established partisan leanings yet but I wouldn’t want to bet much on that proposition.”


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Jonathan Shalit, chairman of InterTalent Rights Group, said any endorsement is a risk in a polarizing time.

“My advice to any singer or entertainer would be to keep away from politics,” he said. “For someone to endorse a politician at the moment, it’s very, very complex, probably more complex than it’s ever been.

“And the reason I say that is a reflection of how complicated global affairs are right now,” he said, referring to the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East.


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