NYC Doorman Sends Thieves Running as Bystanders Ignore Daylight Robbery

When Americans can no longer count on each other, our society will crumble. One New York City doorman just proved that that day isn’t here quite yet.

WABC-TV reported that two thieves robbed a woman in broad daylight in an upscale New York neighborhood on Sunday.

Onlookers stood by and did nothing as the thieves slammed the 24-year-old woman against the door of an apartment building.

The building’s doorman told WABC that he heard a “thump” when the attackers threw the woman against the glass.

“When I looked up, our eyes kind of met and all she said [was], ‘Help,’” the doorman recalled.


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When the doorman came outside and confronted the thieves, they swiped the woman’s phone and ran off laughing as the woman tried in vain to chase them down.

Surveillance footage then appears to show the woman gesturing angrily at a group of bystanders who let the thieves run by without trying to stop them.

Thankfully, the woman was unharmed, and police have clear images of the two suspects.

This is the latest example of how criminals have been emboldened by soft-on-crime Democratic policies.

A building manager in the neighborhood where Sunday’s robbery occurred told Fox News that muggings, break-ins and other crimes have become more common over the last few years.

While 2023 did see a slight drop in numbers, crime is still up about 33 percent in New York since 2019.

Given the lackadaisical approach that New York has taken to prosecuting criminals, it’s no wonder that they are brazen enough to commit crimes on busy sidewalks in the middle of the day.

“What struck me [is] that they were so bold. Even when I was outside, they still continued to rob her,” the doorman said.


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This is exactly what happens when criminals have no need to fear the law.

Just look at the Jan. 27 incident in which a group of illegal immigrants brutally beat two New York police officers, only to get released without bail a few days later.

To the politicians who have championed bail reform and crime-tolerant policies: When is enough going to be enough? What has to happen before you protect the people who elected you?

There is only one result that can be expected from soft-on-crime policies — more crime.

But those who have pushed these policies are not the only ones to blame in this situation. The bystanders who let the thieves run away without doing anything failed the victim too.

As James 4:17 states, “Whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

May we all be as willing as the doorman to protect our fellow citizens when they are in danger.

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