Windows Terminal Preview 1.20 introduces many visual updates for better ease-of-use

Microsoft has unveiled the new preview of Windows Terminal, version 1.20. With the next preview version now available, the company has also updated the stable version to 1.19

The new preview introduces many new features, one of which is that the Microsoft Store now won’t update Windows Terminal while it’s being used. This enables developers to keep long-running tasks going without worrying about the terminal being shut down for updates.

A visual change in this release is the addition of more types of lines that can be displayed. Users will now be able to display colored, curly, dashed, dotted, or doubled underlines. 

Microsoft has also made updates to how search results in Windows Terminal are displayed. When searching directly in the terminal for text, the search results are now highlighted. 

Windows Terminal also got several usability updates, such as that the AtlasEngine rendering engine is now enabled by default, the “Canary” ZIP distribution defaults to portable mode, readability of settings disclaimers is improved, and more. 

A full list of the updates and bug fixes can be found in this blog post.

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