N.M. Hospital Staff Detail Horrific Scene After Finding Newborn in Trash

Alexee Trevizo (Artesia Police Department)
Alexee Trevizo (Artesia Police Department)

OAN’s Taylor Tinsley
Updated 3:20 PM – Tuesday, June 27, 2023

A teenage girl from New Mexico is facing murder charges after allegedly dumping her newborn baby in the trash. 


19-year old Alexee Trevizo is accused of throwing her newborn baby boy in the trash after secretly giving birth in a hospital bathroom, but maintains she didn’t know she was pregnant. 

She’s currently out on a $100,000 bond and is allowed to finish high school. 

The incident happened back in January 2023 after the teen checked into Artesia General Hospital for back pain. She later went to the bathroom, attempted to clean up the mess, and acted like nothing happened. 

In new body camera footage from the Artesia Police Department, hospital staff described the horrific scene as a “gory, bloody, massacre mess.”

A triage nurse said, “I checked on her two to three times. I kept hearing the paper towel dispenser, flushing, running the water. Eventually I said, ‘you need to come out’… She opened it and just kind of walked out. She didn’t say anything and she walked back…I went into the restroom and I saw a large amount of blood on the floor, on the back wall, and so I said ‘you OK? What happened?’”

Trevizo told the nurse she was on her period, but hospital staff assumed she had had a miscarriage. 

“There was blood everywhere,” the nurse said.

A cleaner was soon asked to come to the bathroom to begin wiping down the walls, floor, and toilet seat, but noticed the trashcan was extra heavy when picking it up and asked a nursing assistant for help. 

“When I pulled the liner out there were paper towels and we had rolled trash bags already in there, but she had grabbed a few and balled them up and put them on top of him (the newborn),” the nurse said. “So when I removed them that’s when I noticed the baby on the bottom of the trash can just wrapped in the bag. She had it tight because the top was twisted and tucked under so it wouldn’t open up.”

Trevizo told authorities the baby “just fell out” of her and wasn’t breathing. An autopsy report says air was found in the baby’s lungs, indicating a live birth.

Investigators later determined the newborn died by homicide. The 19-year old was arrested in May and has been charged with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. 

The father of the baby has yet to speak out and the couple both attended prom together in April, just three months after the newborn’s death.

She has a court date scheduled for October 2nd.

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