Hiking Up Harriman And A Relaxing Salt Cave Experience

Harriman State Park
I have been itching to get out there and hike up a mountain since the weather started getting just a little bit warmer.
And on April 2, I just did that.
The great part about living on Long Island is that you have so many great attractions that can take you away from your everyday life that can be seen with just a day trip. So on that Sunday, my boyfriend, AJ, and I, joined by his sister, Amanda, got up early and headed out to Rockland County, NY to visit Harriman State Park, which was less than two hours away. I’ve personally never been there before.
Once we got there, we realized we would have to park on the side of the road, but there was plenty of distance between the left of the car and traffic. I had downloaded the Long Path, Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail trail map on the app AllTrails, which made the whole experience so much easier. It keeps you on track and acts like a GPS, even if there’s very little internet.
Throughout the moderate hike, we faced some steep incline, had to climb up or down some boulders, crossed streams by hopping on rocks and we saw some beautiful sites. It was also interesting to see all the cell phone towers that were there, as well as the underground fiber optic cables. We had been out there for about six hours, gained 1,171 feet in elevation and walked about nine miles.
We celebrated the day by going to Golden Corral in The Bronx, NY. I would only recommend this on a week day afternoon, as it was extremely busy.

Reading inside the salt cave.

Port Jeff Salt Cave
On March 30, I was coming off of a mild cold, but was feeling a lot of tension in my eyes, so I looked into some solutions online on how to relieve this tension, and a salt cave was recommended.
The closest one to me was in Port Jefferson, so I decided to book it for $45, which gave me a 40-minute session.
I went there having no idea what to expect. But once you’re there, the staff takes you through the process. I took off my shoes and my jacket and walked in. The ground is covered in Himalayan salt. Once I sat down in the gravity chair provided, I realized there was pink salt all around me. There was one other woman in the room with me on the other side of the room, and I was given a blanket to keep me warm.
After the both of us picked a meditation to listen to, which played on a loud speaker, a staff member brought us some crystals to hold.
Overall it was a nice way to pass the time, and the meditation was very relaxing. The other woman even fell asleep.
It’s certainly something I would do again! And I’d say it even helped relieve some of that tension and I felt pretty good afterwards.

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