Pelosi Mocked for Story About Digging to China: ‘We Are Truly Led By Imbeciles’

In an attempt to show she had a special “connection” with Communist-run China, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made an interesting comment during a news conference on Thursday.

Pelosi said she shares such a connection because she thought she could dig a hole all the way there from the U.S.

“When I was a little girl, I was told when at the beach if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China, so we’ve always felt a connection there,” Pelosi said.

Outkick founder posted a video of Pelosi making the comments to Twitter on Saturday, along with some added commentary.

“We are truly led by imbeciles,” Travis said.


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Other prominent conservatives also had some thoughts to share about Pelosi’s China “connection.”

“LOL what?” Newsmax’s Benny Johnson wrote.

“you’re telling me this person was our best choice to visit taiwan?” Logan Hall tweeted.

According to Fox News, the comments were made during Pelosi’s recent trip to the Indo-Pacific, a trip that has exacerbated rising tensions between China and Taiwan.


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This is because Pelosi chose to visit Taiwan, one of the few areas over which the Chinese Communist Party claims authority but does not control.

Shortly prior to the visit, Taiwan scrambled its fighter jets. Afterward, China conducted a number of military exercises in Taiwan’s surrounding airspace and waters and called Pelosi’s visit an “egregious provocation.”

And yet, despite the utter seriousness of the current situation, Pelosi insisted on telling some silly story in order to find a connection between us and a brutal totalitarian government.

Should Pelosi and Biden be tougher on China?

To put it mildly, that’s a little strange.

Although, when it comes to Pelosi, President Joe Biden and many of our other current leaders, most of the things they do and say qualify as “strange.”

It’s a wonder the U.S. is still standing.

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