Report: Hunter Biden Intimidated His Drug Dealer with Mob Connections

The big guy” might not be Hunter Biden’s only connection with real power.

At least, that’s what he wanted a Rhode Island drug dealer to believe, according to a new report.

It said the son of President Joe Biden touted his relationship with a relative of organized crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger in a January 2019 text.

The texts were pulled from the younger Biden’s infamous laptop by the Marco Polo research group and provided to The Sun, which reported on them Wednesday.

According to the report, Hunter Biden resorted to threats after being stiffed by a dealer.


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The addict had paid $1,200 before meeting his drug connection, only for the dealer to go dark and leave him hanging.

In a string of texts, Hunter Biden threatened consequences if the dealer didn’t materialize with his fix.

“Hey brother I guess I never really introduced myself to you,” Biden said.

“I’m assuming you just f***ed uo and you’re going to make it tight right now,” he wrote — presumably intending to say, “I’m assuming you just f***ed up and you’re going to make it right right now.”

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“I’ll give you ten minutes to reply. Look up and see who I am and then look and see who my friends and associates are,” said Biden, putting his absentee dealer on a tight timeline.

Fifteen minutes later, according to the Sun, Hunter sent the dealer the phone number of Jim Bulger, the nephew of Boston organized crime kingkin Whitey Bulger.

Whitey Bulger took the top spot on the FBI’s most wanted list in 2011, according to the New York Post, an honor previously afforded to none other than Osama bin Laden.

Biden had a business relationship with Bulger at the time, having appointed the mob boss’ nephew as his proxy in the board vote of a Chinese-funded company.

Jim Bulger has no discernible criminal history. But that didn’t stop Hunter from using his connection to his friend’s infamous uncle to intimidate the dealer who ripped him off.


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“Start there. Call and tell him Hunter told you to call,” he directed his absentee dealer.

At the same time, he was trying to shake his drug addiction under the care of a psychiatrist in Massachusetts.

Fox News reported in April that Bulger played a key role in many of Hunter Biden’s ventures in China.

It said Bulger was the chairman of the firm Thornton Group LLC, which worked with Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca to establish a joint venture called BHR Partners with Chinese investment company Bohai capital.

The Sun obtained a photo of the two men together.

The younger Bulger expressed sympathy with Biden’s connection to fame in a 2014 message obtained from the laptop, remarking on his own notable family history.

“I to am one of the few folks that has the problem of a last name that cuts both ways,” he said in an email to Hunter, according to the Sun.

Whitey Bulger had only just arrived at a West Virginia federal prison to serve a life sentence for 11 murders when he was beaten to death in 2018.

The mob boss evaded law enforcement for 16 years after the federal government moved to charge him with a laundry list of murders and organized crimes.

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