Louie’s Manhasset Restaurant Has The Recipe For Success

Located just steps away from the bustling train station, Louie’s Manhasset Restaurant has been a staple in the community for nearly 60 years, celebrating another milestone in less than a year.

Some older generations still remember when Louie’s was located on the east side of Plandome Road in the space where the pharmacy is now, but its reputation is as solid as when the late Louie Pagonis originally opened the classic family-owned restaurant.

His sons, Peter and Tommy, along with their brother-in-law, Billy, passionately ensure that its legacy continues. Their own sons are in lock-step, learning the business from the ground up, excitedly waiting for their opportunities to grab the baton and take the business to its centennial one day.

Stories like the restaurant’s success are increasingly rare, of businesses that are family-owned and operated through successive generations and that are still open and thriving through the pandemic obstacle to boot.

If you are ever in town or craving a good, satisfying meal, stop at Louie’s Manhasset and try some of our favorites.

Calamari (Christy Hinko)

The ubiquitous fried calamari is exceptional and crispy. The breading fully covers the ringlets and tentacles and is cooked just right. It is served with tasty marinara sauce.
The baked clams are served in a scrumptious garlic broth that begs to be sopped up with fresh-cut pita bread.

All of the soups are homemade at Louie’s. Try a cup or a bowl of the New England Clam Chowder. It is hearty and filled with lots of chunky fresh potatoes and celery in addition to clams.

New York strip steak and a baked potato (Christy Hinko)

You can’t go wrong with the traditional burger or sandwich at Louie’s but if you are in the mood for a more filling meal, go one step further to the full dinner entrees. Try the brothers’ New York Strip Steak. One great thing about having your steak cooked to order is when the chef actually knows what that means. It’s a delight to get a steak that is rare when you ask for rare. Pair this with a classic baked potato and you are in business. The steak was perfectly cooked and not heavily seasoned.

Parmesan crusted halibut (Christy Hinko)

Feeling a little more like seafood is the way to go? Try the Parmesan Crusted Halibut paired with mashed potatoes and some steamed broccoli. The fish was amazingly cooked, which takes more skill than luck, so to not overcook. The Parmesan crust was such a complement to the steak-like fish.

Chocolate cream pie and rice pudding (Christy Hinko)

No diner would be complete without homemade rice pudding. This fresh, creamy and generous portion of a classic Greek dessert went perfectly with the dollop of whipped cream on top. And of course, nothing beats a slice of homemade chocolate cream pie if you are looking for a more chocolatey and satisfying treat to soothe your sweet tooth.

Like any good restaurant, Louie’s has plenty of traditional fare like burgers, pasta, soup and sandwiches, suitable for the pint-sized diners who might be accompanying you for a meal.

Off-peak, there is ample street parking and several municipal lots nearby, particularly because of its proximity to the train station and town hall and many other successful businesses along Plandome Road.

Louie’s Manhasset is open every day of the week, Mondays through Saturdays from 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.

There are daily and weekly specials depending on the season and ingredient availability, but much of the menu is classic American diner. Take out and catering orders are available. Louie’s Manhasset Restaurant is located at 339 Plandome Road, in the heart of the hamlet.

Visit www.louiesmanhassetrestaurant.com or call 516-627-0022 for more information.

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