Rep. Lauren Boebert Hits Back When Joy Behar Tries to Use Family Photo as a Smear

The biggest shrew on “The View” couldn’t let a weekend mass shooting go by without shrieking her opinion on social media.

Decent people might view the massacre at a Buffalo grocery store with a measure of horror, but for gun-grabbing ghouls like ABC star Joy Behar, the deaths of 10 innocent people apparently slaughtered simply for the color of their skin was just another excuse to smear American lawmakers who stand up for Americans’ rights.

But Behar’s target, GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, wasn’t backing down.

In a Twitter post on Sunday, Behar pulled out a photo Boebert originally posted in December, showing her posing with her four sons holding rifles in front of a Christmas tree.

Besides marking the holiday, the post was intended as support for Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican who had come under fire for publishing a Christmas photo of his own family, similarly armed.


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But when Behar posted it on Sunday, there was no mention of the context — just a picture of young men holding rifles a day after an 18-year-old man’s murderous rampage had made headlines around the country.

“This is obscene,” Behar wrote.

Actually, what’s obscene is Behar pulling out a months-old picture of a Colorado family that happens to believe in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and implicitly tying it to an atrocity more than 1,000 miles away from the Centennial State.

Boebert, being Boebert, didn’t let the slur go unanswered.

“Joy-less, we know you hate America,” she wrote. “Go back to your sex strike.”

As a nickname, the “Joy-less” is self-explanatory for anyone with an experience of Behar’s public persona. For a woman whose early jobs in show business included stand-up comedy, she’s not so much entertaining to watch as she is grating — and thoroughly unenjoyable.


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The allusion probably baffled quite a few readers who don’t watch “The View” or keep up with Behar’s ignorant meanderings (and that no doubt includes the vast, vast majority of Americans who have better things to do with their time).

But Behar had used her platform on “The View” earlier this month to suggest a “sex strike” by American women to prevent a potential Supreme Court ruling overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

To say that normal people don’t think like that is an understatement.

Behar never volunteered what possible connection there is between Supreme Court deliberations and the presumably private behavior of consenting adults throughout the land. And in all seriousness, it would be just about impossible to try to.

By the same token, it’s just about impossible to draw any kind of causal connection between the Boebert family’s appreciation for arms and the blood-drenched mania of a deeply disturbed young man in upstate New York.

But Behar’s followers on Twitter — who have to be a benighted bunch if ever there was one — evidently approved. Her post had almost 40,000 “likes” by mid-afternoon Tuesday.

But Boebert made her point, too. By mid-afternoon Tuesday, her post had over 28,000 “likes.”

But it was also swamped with the kind of leftist social media scum that surges out whenever conservatives defend themselves. In fact, those tweets above were almost drowned in a putrid lake of insults aimed at Boebert’s alleged deficiencies as a mother, as a lawmaker, and even as a thinking human being.

(It’s always disturbing to see how strangely acerbic supposedly liberal commenters can be when their ganging up on a woman.)

Boebert no doubt is getting used to it by now. The first-term congresswoman has stirred up her share of hatred from the left — very much including the coven on “The View” — without any of the mainstream media glorification the heroines of the left have engendered at similar career points (the abrasive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leaps to mind).

So another public attack by Joy Behar likely came as no surprise.

Was Joy Behar’s post out of line?

But Boebert hasn’t backed down before — and it doesn’t look like she’s going to start anytime soon.

If Republicans take control of the House in November — as looks likely — the whole party is going to need to have the same kind of spine. No sensible person is under any illusions about how the GOP is treated outside of conservative outlets, and when the stakes rise to pit a Republican House, or a Republican House and Senate, against a Democratic White House, the battle is really going to be joined.

The mainstream media is a lot bigger than Joy Behar. And if the midterms go the way the polls are pointing, things are going to get a lot more malicious.

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