Manifesto Reveals Buffalo Suspect Counted on Anti-Gun Laws to Let Him Kill More People

This is the part of the Buffalo, New York, mass shooting the mainstream media won’t be talking about.

In the aftermath of the atrocity that left 10 innocent people dead, just for the crime of going to the grocery store with the wrong skin color, there’s been no shortage of coverage claiming it fits the liberal narrative of murderous white supremacists stalking the land.

And, naturally, the calls for more gun control have already started, even if at least one lesson from Buffalo is exactly the opposite.

As a lengthy, detailed and morally repulsive manifesto published online by alleged gunman Payton Gendron shows, he was confident the attack would succeed because he was staging it in a state that sharply restricts civilian access to firearms.

In a section with the heading “Weapons, Equipment, and Mentality of the Attacker,” the 18-year-old expressed the kinds of ideas that gun-grabbers don’t want the rest of America to read.


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“NY has cucked gun laws,” Gendron wrote, using a slang insult for weakness. “Assault style weapons and high capacity magazines are illegal for civilians to own, thus lowering threats from law-abiding civilians.”

That came a few sentences after this one, which exploded the liberal fetish for “gun-free” zones, and progressive loathing for permits to carry concealed weapons:

“Attacking in a weapon-restricted area may decrease the chance of civilian backlash. Schools, courts, or areas where CCW are outlawed or prohibited may be good areas of attack. Areas where CCW permits are low may also fit in this category. Areas with strict gun laws are also great places of attack.”

Well, “areas with strict gun laws” pretty much defines the entire state of New York, though Gendron’s weapon was purchased legally, according to WABC-TV in New York City.

Will this shooting endanger Second Amendment rights?

Gendron’s manifesto indicated he was prepared to face some resistance – hence the body armor that apparently protected him from the bullets of the heroic security guard, Aaron Salter Jr.

But he knew, thanks to New York liberals and their mania for defying the Second Amendment, the chances of his being met with multiple heavily armed individuals were almost nonexistent.

None of this is to deny the stomach-turning racial animus that animates the manifesto, but even in the face of near-incomprehensible evil, it’s crucial to see clearly what’s happened, so it can’t be used against basic American freedoms that are already under fire.

Early in the 180-page document, Gendron shamelessly notes that he chose the attack point largely on the basis of the percentage of the black population in the area, but he also stated this:

“Plus NY has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I knew that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms.”


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By now, the responses to mass murder incidents are so automatic they’re nearly meaningless. If the perpetrator is white, the cries of “white supremacy” are deafening. If the perpetrator is not white — as in the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade massacre — the matter of race is downplayed or mysteriously unmentioned.

And always, the gun-control forces start to bray that none of it would have happened if only Democrats in the federal government were able and willing to defy the express words written in the Second Amendment by better men than they’ll ever be.

But inconvenient facts get buried. Like how “gun-free” zones do little but establish areas where attackers know their victims are likely to be unarmed.

That was the case in the Buffalo attack — the alleged gunman, who is now officially a murder suspect, made it clear himself, repeatedly and in his own words.

But it’s a part the mainstream media isn’t going to be talking about.

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