Calif. family thanks firefighters for saving US flag

UPDATED 8:59 AM PT – Monday, May 16, 2022

A California family is thanking firefighters who saved a US flag from their home, which was destroyed in a fire in Orange County.

The Strohman family lost several valuable belongings after the Coastal Fire destroyed at least 20 homes in the Laguna Hills area last week.

The Stroham’s were aware of the fires when neighbors provided them with clips of the home in flames. The families American flag was untouched and still flying despite everything.

Once evacuation orders were lifted they were able to find a US flag and a 9/11 mug that firefighters managed to save.

“I thinks its a sign, we’ll get through it, we’ll preserve,” said Max Strohman. “I’m pretty much out of words. It’s a lot to take in, it really hits seeing it in person.”

Earlier in the week, about 900 homes were within the mandatory evacuation zone due to the Coastal Fire. Those numbers have shrunken since.

The family took a look at their home in disbelief. Terri Strohman said her family is very patriotic and is taking the flag as a sign they’re going to get through it. The family plans to rebuild and fly that flag again someday.

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