Signs Show ‘Red Tsunami’ on the Way as Cruz, Owens and Roy Prepare at ‘Truth Summit’

With polls showing conservatives are set to dominate the upcoming November midterm elections, many Republicans remain in attack mode.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Reps. Chip Roy of Texas and Burgess Owens of Utah, for example, are all preparing for the impending “red tsunami,” at a “Truth Summit” in late May.

On May 21, the three politicians, along with Clay Travis — founder of the anti-woke sports outlet Outkick — are scheduled to meet in Atlanta to “mobilize” conservatives to “ensure a big Red Wave this year.”

Polling has consistently shown Republicans are expected to do well in the midterms, with even traditionally Democratic voting blocs such as blacks and Hispanics indicating increased support for the GOP. Some political analysts have gone beyond predicting a “red wave” to talk of a “red tsunami.”

The May 21 event will also feature a number of action workshops “led by some of the country’s top conservative strategists,” including the Leadership Institute’s Morton Blackwell.


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These workshops will train Americans of all sorts — from students to working mothers — “how to become leaders in their local communities by leveraging technology and effective messaging strategies.”

Republican voters should see this initiative as a welcoming sign.

While the party could sit on its hands and still win come November, its top leaders are, nevertheless, working tirelessly on these sorts of grassroots campaign efforts.

“We’re thrilled to have national leaders like Clay, Congressman Owens, and Congressman Roy join our growing list of speakers at the ‘Together for Truth’ summit this month in Atlanta,” Truth and Courage PAC Executive Director Christine Babcock said in a news release Friday.

Do you expect there to be a “red tsunami” this year?

“Our growing roster of speakers will surely inspire conservatives in Georgia and across America.”

“As we saw this week with the unprecedented leaking of a landmark Supreme Court decision in an apparent effort to disrupt our judiciary processes, it has never been more important for Americans to stand up for conservative principles.

“Clay and Reps. Owens and Roy know better than anyone that everything is on the line this year. That’s why we could not be more excited to have them join Sen. Cruz in Atlanta on May 21.”

In November, conservatives in Georgia should expect to have a fight on their hands.

For example, failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams — who never conceded her loss — is looking to have a rematch with Gov. Brian Kemp, who is leading in polls to win the Republican nomination, according to WXIA-TV.


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In the GOP primary race, Kemp is ahead of former Sen. Davide Perdue by 56 percent to 31 percent, according WXIA. Perdue has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Abrams — a staunch critic of Georgia’s voter law — is running on “voting rights,” while Kemp is running on fighting critical race theory in schools, championing the state’s pro-life “heartbeat” bill and his own record on the economy according to WXIA.

Polling from WXIA currently has Kemp leading Abrams with his 50 percent to 45 percent.

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