MSNBC Announces Chuck Todd Will Be Pulled from the Airwaves in Apparent Demotion

As MSNBC prepares to debut new programming by former Biden administration officials, Chuck Todd is being farmed out to NBC’s streaming service.

Todd’s “Meet The Press Daily,” which two years ago was bounced from a 5 p.m. time slot to 1 p.m., will go to 4 p.m. on NBC News NOW and be called “Meet the Press NOW,” according to Deadline.

The Daily Beast characterized the shift as Todd being “shuffled down the line at MSNBC.”

Todd’s new show will begin June 6.

As noted by Variety. Todd’s exit comes as the network adds new talent that leaped from the Biden White House.


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On Saturday, Symone Sanders will debut her new program. Sanders was the spokeswoman for Vice President Kamala Harris before fleeing Harris’s office.

MSNBC also will be making room for White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Variety wrote, who is expected to join the network for a new show after taking a few months off.

Writing about the change for Outkick, Bobby Burack said too many probing questions to the wrong people greased the skids for Todd to be moved.

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“Todd is hardly conservative, but he does ask tough questions while interviewing Democratic politicians. Todd didn’t get the memo that doing so is no longer allowed. His Sunday morning counterpart George Stephanopoulos is following this rule dutifully on ABC,” he wrote.

“The tale of Todd should clear up why hosts at corporate media outlets have pivoted away from the center: the job security and recognition come only to those who take a long stroll to the left. Todd forgot to make that move,” he wrote.

“Chuck Todd isn’t left-wing enough for NBC News anymore, and he’s certainly not kooky enough for a daily program on MSNBC. MSNBC and its parent company NBC have sent a message that it’s the network of Joy Reid, Savannah Guthrie and Jen Psaki. Todd no longer fits,” he wrote.

Although many commentators saw the change as a demotion for Todd, NBC tried to put a happy spin on the change.


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“NBC News is the leader in streaming news. Since our launch, we’ve been committed to delivering the best of NBC News’ journalism, free, to streaming audiences everywhere,” NBC News President Noah Oppenheim said in a statement.

“Chuck was one of the first broadcast anchors to see the massive potential of streaming and bringing Meet the Press’s daily franchise to NBC News NOW reinforces the platform’s status as the destination for news on streaming,” he said.

NBC News anchor Chris Jansing will claim Todd’s MSNBC time slot.

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