Watch: Jill Biden Scolds Reporters After They Get Under Her Skin with Simple Questions

The cracks in President Joe Biden’s camp are beginning to show.

Biden has faced increasingly intense scrutiny ever since June 27’s first general election presidential debate, which showcased the president looking confused, slow and overall mentally unwell.

In a video posted by The Washington Post journalist JM Rieger on Monday, the president’s wife Jill Biden is seen getting heated with reporters.

Apparently, being asked 24/7 whether her husband is a vegetable led to a bit of a breaking point.


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A reporter can be heard raising her voice (in order to be heard by the first lady, who is a distance away) as she asks Jill Biden about the calls for her husband to step down from his campaign.

Nothing about the reporter’s demeanor or the volume of her voice was out of the ordinary.

On-the-street reporters normally speak up a bit to get the attention of their subjects.

Do you think Jill Biden is influencing presidential decisions behind the scenes?

Jill Biden has no doubt been questioned in this very way numerous times before.

This time, however, it seems to have gotten to her.

“Why are you screaming at me? You know me,” the first lady said.

“Don’t scream at me, just let me talk.”

Oddly, after saying “just let me talk,” Jill Biden didn’t.


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Instead, she got in her car and promptly left.

Clearly, the situation her husband has found himself in is getting under her skin.

How could it not? Most of those who agree Biden is too old and senile to run again also think the first lady is a horrible wife for letting her husband embarrass himself on the national stage.

No one will forget the most cringe-worthy post-debate moment following the infamous debate when she congratulated her husband for answering “every question.”

“Joe, you did such a great job. You answered every question,” she said.

She came off more like a mother congratulating her toddler for riding a bicycle for the first time than a dutiful first lady encouraging her husband and leader of the free world.

It’s no doubt taxing to keep up these lies and obfuscations, to try and constantly convince the world that President Biden is a capable, mentally fit man when clearly he isn’t.

Given how the first lady reacted to some simple questions from reporters this week, it appears that we may be headed for a breaking point.

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