Dems Advance Dark Theory About Biden That Conservatives Have Been Shouting Since Before 2020

It is stunning to think that some within the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment media didn’t see the “Weekend at Bernie’s” display of President Joe Biden as anything but that. And yet, it seems this could very well be the case.

You’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt anyway. This is especially true in light of the article Thursday by New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi that somehow blew off the lid on the Biden scam so many conservatives have been screaming about since the botched 2020 presidential election.

Nuzzi, who established a close relationship with first lady Jill Biden, obviously stopped drinking the Kool-Aid long enough to realize that Slow Joe wasn’t running the show and never had been. She even began to consider that a cabal made up of insiders to the current president was actually in charge.

Former President Barack Obama, who in 2020 expressed an interest in being president of the United States for a third term from behind the scenes, if possible, all of a sudden took on a whole new light.

Former President Donald Trump’s allegation to that same end during an October event in New Hampshire now no longer seems so far-fetched.


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The presumptive GOP nominee said during that event, “It’s never been worse than it is now under crooked Joe Biden, and frankly, his boss, Barack Hussein Obama. I think it’s his boss.”

Is Obama really the one pulling all the strings from somewhere in the shadows?

Nuzzi and many others like her no longer can be so resolute in defending the president. Their brains just switched on again, compelling them to identify with the blood-curling screams of right-leaning media.

At the same time, they did help to bring about the travesty our nation is now coping with. Forgiveness may be hard to offer easily for this reason alone.

All they needed to do was honestly look at the current president to formulate the truth. He is a puppet for whoever is actually in charge. It is those on stage with him who are the truly evil ones.

Not to say that Biden isn’t getting his just desserts. You don’t end up in that position because you are a saint. Or because you hang out with saints.

But truthfully, as a human being, you can’t help but feel sorry for him as the party feeds on his empty shell and parades it about without a conscience or any reverence for his attempted efforts throughout his career.

“Top Democrats are so alarmed about Joe Biden’s ailing health some fear a shadowy cabal is keeping him in power so they can pull levers behind the scenes, it is claimed,” the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Friday.

“Nuzzi said she had heard questions being posed by high-ranking Democrats on the east and west coasts about whether Biden is a puppet whose strings are being pulled by another group of secretive Democrats,” it said.

It was his disastrous debate performance against Trump that finally did him in.


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Biden’s many handlers no longer could handle trying to figure out how to keep the charade going, especially among a party known to walk in lockstep. Donors were beginning to question the president’s mental acuity and overall health.

After the dismal debate performance, those in the know are now being forced to play dumb.

Did the media truly never realize Biden was an empty suit, or are they covering for their lies?

Did the media truly never realize Biden was an empty suit, or are they covering for their own lies?

Those fooled, like Nuzzi, are stunned. Conservatives are equally as stunned when considering that Biden’s declining health and puppeteering were as plain as the nose on Americans’ faces. The fact that so many lefties missed it speaks to sheer mind control

That much of the Democrat-media-industrial-complex has suddenly acknowledged that the president is an empty vessel — something conservatives have been saying since 2020 — is surprising given the party’s history. But it isn’t hard to believe that certain individuals among them aren’t compromised and are stunned.

Nuzzi seems like she could be one of them. The first lady or the White House press secretary, not so much.

Despite calls among those in his party to step aside, Biden insists that he is not going anywhere.

It remains to be seen if Vice President Kamala Harris will say otherwise as the next puppet in line to the throne.

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