Actual Witch Tries Kidnapping Boy for Satanic Sacrifice, Meets Father with Deadly Baseball Bat Instead: Report

In a place where Satanic evil and the death-worshipping drug cartels of Mexico came together to steal the life of a child, a woman who believed she was a witch found out her powers were not as strong as those of a baseball bat in the hands of an angry father.

The incident took place last week in Ciudad Juarez, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

Maria Guadalupe R.M., 33, came to the home of her nephew to steal his child, believing a dead family member had been reincarnated.

She had previously demanded to have the child given to her, so she could kill the baby as a sacrifice to Santa Muerte, the saint drug cartels have adopted as their patron.


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Guadalupe, of Juarez, practiced Satan worship and had ties to a gang linked to the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Local Mexican media said the woman sold drugs and indulged in Santa Muerte rituals.

On June 30, she and two men, who fled, broke into her nephew’s home to steal the child as he slept.

Instead, Carlos Gabriel C.R., 23,  fought back with a baseball bat, killing her. The so-called witch’s partners ran.

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Police released him 48 hours after he surrendered himself, ruling he acted in self-defense.

Meanwhile, the remains of a 22-year-old were found at Guadalupe’s home.

America is not a stranger to cases in which a sacrifice was sought for Santa Muerte.

In 2019, Javier Sanchez Mendoza Jr. was arrested after an incident in which a woman was cut multiple times with a knife, so that her blood dripped onto a statute of Santa Muerte as other sacrifices were made before her impending death, according to the Courier-Journal.

Ronnie Cooper of the Glynn County Police Department in Brunswick, Georgia, had responded and was able to stop Mendoza, who in 2021 in federal court was convicted of conspiracy to engage in forced labor.


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An article on the FBI’s Law Enforcement Bulletin website said that the cartels’ version of the saint’s cult “promotes greater levels of criminality than the more mainstream and older forms of Santa Muerte worship.”

“Sometimes it can be so extreme that it condones morally corrupt behaviors — what many people would consider as resulting from an evil value system that rewards personal gain above all else, promoting the intentional pain and suffering of others, and, even, viewing killing as a pleasurable activity,” the article said.

“The rise of a fully criminalized and dark variant of Santa Muerte worship holds many negative implications. Of greatest concern, the inspired and ritualistic killings associated with this cult could emerge across the border and manifest domestically in the United States.”

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