Two Fishermen Catch More Than They Bargained for, Rescue 38 Dogs from Water

In June, two friends decided to head to Grenada Lake in Mississippi to vacation, relax and catch some fish.

Once the two hit the water with their local fishing guide, however, it wasn’t fish they were catching but dogs — over three dozen of them.

According to WMC-TV, the two men — Bob Gist of Arkansas and Brad Carlisle of Tennessee — met up to go on the trip in mid-June.

After arriving at the lake and meeting up with a third man — Jordan Chrestman, a local fishing guide — the group headed out on the water.

But, when they began looking for fish, Chrestman saw something, or rather many somethings, odd in the water.


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A large number of dogs were splashing around in the lake — 38 to be exact.

The dogs were wearing high-tech collars and were covered in white paint.

As it turns out, the dogs were all part of a fox hunt gone wrong.

Chasing after a deer, the dogs made their way into the lake and were treading water for between 45 minutes and an hour.

Disoriented, the dogs were unable to navigate their way back to land. They were about a mile from shore.

The owners, having no boats, were helpless to save their hunting companions, according to The Mirror U.S.

The men loaded up the boat with dogs, drove them to shore, unloaded and then repeated the process until all 38 of the canines were rescued.

The owners of the dogs did offer to pay the three men for their service at the end of the whole debacle; however, they refused, arguing that they just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

On X, various users reacted to the wild news story.


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“These heroes truly restored my faith in humanity!” one user wrote.

“Oh wow! Good for them!” another user posted.

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