Wind Turbine Blade Slices Through Entire Car, Kills 2 in Grisly Accident

A wind turbine blade being transported through a Chinese city was involved in a fatal accident.

The circumstances of the accident were not clear, but the outcome was – the massive blade poked through a van that was following the truck on which the blade was being transported.

The blade entered the front of the vehicle and was seen poking out the back.

Two men in the van were killed, according to the Sun.


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Video of the aftermath of the incident shows several feet of the blade, which is about as wide as the vehicle, poking through the back of the van.

A report from the Shangai Daily that was posted on X said the incident took place Wednesday in Tieli, located in Heilongjiang province, and that one person was killed and three were injured. 

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Chinese officials have not explained who was at fault for the accident, which took place as two blades were being transported, according to the Sun.

A social media post indicated that a similar accident took place in 2022 in China.


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A video clip of the aftermath of the accident drew more than 700,000 views on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, as many expressed concerns, according to the Sun.

“There should be a security vehicle to escort the transportation of large objects,” one commenter said.

“Wind turbines are too expensive to transport,” another poster.

However, a third poster suggested driver error could have been a factor.

“Escort vehicles usually maintain a safe distance and many drivers cut in without paying attention, I have personally encountered this,” the poster wrote.

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