Biden Declares Himself to Be a ‘Black Woman’ in Bumbling Interview

President Joe Biden’s campaign is making a point to assert his supposedly tremendous vitality through ongoing interviews and speeches in the wake of his debate performance opposite former President Donald Trump at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta on June 27.

While his handlers would sincerely like the American people to believe that our executive is at the top of his game by keeping him busy and in the public eye, they clearly didn’t account for the fact that when Biden opens his mouth, he gives more evidence to the contrary, proving the debate was not a one-off.

In an interview from Thursday on Philadelphia-based WURD Radio’s “The Source,” Biden spoke to host Andrea Lawful-Sanders.

While the interview was filled with the usual Biden gibberish as he stumbled through his talking points, one moment stuck out.

“By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first black woman to serve with a black president.”


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While left-wing media outlets would usually cover for Biden and make excuses, even the New York Times is now calling out his senile behavior as White House correspondent Michael D. Shear noted on Thursday, compiling this blunder with others from Biden’s recent appearances.

Previously, a sympathetic voice would have defended this statement — probably — as follows: “The president clearly meant he nominated the first black, female vice president.”

Yet, Biden then proceeded to mention his nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court immediately after.

Biden’s handlers are in a lose/lose situation.

Will Biden remain the Democratic nominee until the election?

If they keep him from the public eye, it only confirms that the debate was awful, and they wish to shield him.

The route they’ve chosen is also bad.

Biden making appearances means he must speak.

The president cannot simply go out in public being seen and not heard.

When he speaks, he shows that the debate was indicative of his nature — it was quintessential 81-year-old Biden.


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Choosing the latter is now an impossible task without left-wing media outlets to cover for him.

The New York Times is not covering for him. Trump hating CNN is not covering for him.

No reasonable person is keeping up the facade.

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