Colorado: 12 Staffers Claim To Have Witnessed ‘UFO’ At Red Rocks Amphitheatre

SeriesFest: Season 8 Centerpiece Event At Red Rocks Ampitheatre In Denver, CO
MORRISON, COLORADO - MAY 08: Fans at the Season 8 Centerpiece event during SeriesFest at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 08, 2022 in Morrison, Colorado. (Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest)
(Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
1:06 PM – Tuesday, July 2, 2024

A dozen workers claim to have seen a “large, disc-shaped craft” hover and then quickly zoom away from Colorado music venue Red Rocks Amphitheatre, where country artist Ian Munsick had been performing earlier in the night. 


However, no videos of the alleged craft was caught on film or in pictures, leading many social media users to doubt the legitimacy of the story.

After the concert on June 5th, employees told reporters that they were cleaning up the amphitheater at around “one in the morning when a metallic disk appeared in the sky,” the New York Post reported on Saturday.

“One of our coworkers suddenly said to us: ‘Hey, what is that over there? It looks like a spaceship,’” a person claimed in the agency’s report. “We all turned to look in the direction he was pointing and sure enough, there was a UFO hovering about a half a mile to a mile north of Red Rocks.”

The witness claimed that after spending around 30 seconds hovering over the venue, the UFO “disappeared into thin air.”

According to the tipster, the UFO had “three levels of windows resembling a three-story office building,” and it was “disc-shaped.” The object, according to the witness, was also illuminated and measured several hundred feet in size, but it remained completely silent while it hovered in the air.

“What’s even crazier is that as soon as we all started noticing it and stopped what we were doing to pay attention to it, the craft tipped at an angle and slowly started moving belly-first to the east,” the tipster claimed. “Then it started fading away until it was invisible. It didn’t shoot off into the distance. It simply dissolved into the ether. We all watched it vanish.”

The witnesses said that the craft faded away, as if it “knew that it was being watched.”

The National UFO Reporting Center told the DailyMail outlet: “It is difficult for us to make a determinative call on whether it was a true alien craft, but the description provided does not correlate with any known man-made object.”

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