China Expanding Apparent Spy Stations, Newest One Only 70 Miles from US Naval Base

It appears China is accelerating its cooperation with another communist regime, exploiting the socialist connection to establish and expand espionage installations just a stone’s throw from the United States.

While these sites have existed for a number of years in Cuba, new construction is being reported some 70 miles from U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay.

Cooperation between the People’s Republic and Cuba is nothing new but now seems to have put China at its greatest advantage yet when it comes to gathering intelligence on sensitive American operations.

The recent growth of the apparent foreign spy stations in Cuba was reported Tuesday by The Wall Street Journal.


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Three of the sites, positioned strategically on the island at Bejucal, Wajay and Calabazar, already house finished installations.

Satellite imagery from the Center for Strategic and International Studies shows what appear to be structures designed for signals intelligence — the capture and analysis of foreign electronic signals.

The photos show antenna grids, administrative and housing areas, solar farms and evidence of underground facilities.

Are you concerned about China’s growing influence in the Americas?

What’s being seen at a fourth site is even more concerning.

The newest site at El Salao, about 70 miles away from the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay, appears to have a complex antenna array under construction.

The antennas’ layout, in multiple concentric circles, centers around an apparent control building.

According to the CSIS, these circular setups are a key indicator of the complex espionage tactic of beamforming, synchronization of multiple antennas to focus and direct listening capabilities.

Beamforming gives controllers the capability to determine the origin and direction of captured signals.


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Cuba’s position next to sensitive U.S. facilities gives China a clear motivation for constructing the sites. Florida alone, just a stone’s throw away from the communist island, hosts a score of Air Force and Navy bases.

The interest in the island from the People’s Republic is nothing new.

As recently as last year, China was reportedly in talks with Havana about basing troops on Cuba itself.

The escalation in Cuba appears to be part of China’s “Project 141,” an alleged plan to spread Beijing’s power projection capabilities across the globe.

China is not the only foreign power that has an interest in the Caribbean.

Russian naval and air forces recently underwent training operations there, showcasing their ability to project force. The fleet made port calls to Cuba and other allies in the region.

Our adversaries’ interest in American waters is clear, but will this growing threat be addressed before the foreign powers have a chance to act on their positions?

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