Shock: WH Aides Admit Biden Only ‘Dependably Engaged’ 25 Percent of Day

After Thursday’s disastrous presidential debate hosted by CNN in Atlanta, Democrats understandably have many questions about whether incumbent President Joe Biden is fit to serve another four years in office should he manage to best former President Donald Trump in November.

For ninety minutes on Thursday, millions saw Biden’s frail and decrepit state as he mumbled, seemed lost, and went on tangents that had no apparent meaning. The left covered for this behavior for years saying that the president’s decline was a right-wing conspiracy theory and that any footage of it was a “cheap fake.”

Now the plot has unraveled. CNN aired coverage of the debate. Everyone can see what the right has been saying and can no longer deny, deflect and outright lie. A Saturday report from Axios with information from White House aides only confirmed further what was seen on Thursday: Biden is only “dependably engaged” for six hours a day — 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Yes, Biden is only available to execute the responsibilities of the presidency for 25 percent of the day.

Per the aides, “Outside of that time range or while traveling abroad, Biden is more likely to have verbal miscues and become fatigued,” according to Axios.


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Aides close to Biden — and the entire left for that matter — allowed a senile old man to destroy this country for four years while vilifying the right and calling them liars.

They chose power and partisanship over our great nation. They only admitted it once they were completely cornered.

Even Biden’s cabinet went to great pains to lie to our faces and assure us the president was preforming at the top of his game.

Never forget that the careerists working for the president hate you and hate this country so much that to keep their jobs, they would tell you utter and complete nonsense about the president.

If Biden shouldn’t run for office, should he go ahead and resign?

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told Fox News last month in response to a Wall Street Journal article that asked questions about Biden’s health, “He is the wisest, most knowledgeable person in the room. He asks the toughest questions and has the keenest insights on the complex questions brought to him. He is sharp, thoughtful and wise.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave a resounding endorsement of Biden saying, “[H]is depth of knowledge, fluency with policy and politics and ability to cut to the chase and argue his case are exceptional. He’s invariably one step ahead of us.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland gave Biden the same shining levels of support: “As a member of the president’s Cabinet and the National Security Council, I have consistently seen firsthand his ability to navigate issues of extraordinary complexity that are of the utmost importance to our national security.”

These are actual quotes by people who work for the president. They do not care about the truth or the well-being of this country. They only care about themselves.

Regarding the Axios report, does this mean Vice President Kamala Harris is running the country in the early morning and evening? That idea is terrifying.


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If Kim Jung Un or President Vladimir Putin wanted to act against us, they’d best do it after 4 p.m.

While that seems like a joke, it’s the sad truth.

Biden took the full-time job of the presidency and has been putting in part-time hours.

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