June 2024: People on the Move

A number of companies have announced major changes to their executive leadership last month. Here are a couple of the moves across the industry this past month.

Anthony Griffin named chief architect of Hazelcast

He has extensive experience building systems for financial institutions, such as Danske Bank, Nomura, HSBC, and others. Throughout his 25+ year career he has built reactive low-latency trading systems and AI-based trade monitoring platforms, and will bring his knowledge of serverless computing and financial systems to Hazelcast.

He will lead a team that will evolve the Hazelcast platform to be able to provide the performance, resilience, and scalability needed to run AI applications and mission-critical systems. 

“Hazelcast’s reputation of simplifying the complex world of distributed compute technologies is one I’ve long admired,” Griffin said. “With enterprises shifting focus and budget to expedite their AI initiatives, my goal is to ensure our platform mitigates their day zero data infrastructure challenges.”

OpenAI hires Kevin Weil as chief product officer

As chief product officer, Weil will lead a team that will apply OpenAI’s research to its products and services.

Weil’s most recent role was as Planet Labs’ president of product and business. Before that he was VP of product for Novi at Facebook, VP of product at Instagram, and SVP of product at Twitter. He also serves on the boards for The Nature Conservancy and Black Product Managers Network.

“The product team at OpenAI has set the pace for both breakthrough innovation, and thoughtful deployment of AI products,” said Kevin Weil. “I am thrilled to be part of the next phase of growth, as we continue to safely and responsibly build towards AGI.”

Mezmo hires Lauren Nagel as vice president of product

Lauren Nagel is joining the company with 20 years of experience leading product teams, most recently as vice president of product at StackHawk and before that as product leader at New Relic. She’s also held positions at Akamai, SOASTA (which was acquired by Akamai), Pie Digital, Pure Networks, and Microsoft. 

“Getting meaningful insights from mountains of data is no easy task, yet it is more important and urgent every day,” said Nagel. “Telemetry pipelines offer tremendous impact and possibility, beyond volume reduction, to make enterprises more responsive and secure. I’m thrilled to be working with the innovative team at Mezmo, leading this exciting new category that’s solving consequential customer problems.”

Bratin Saha is appointed as DigitalOcean’s new chief product and technology officer

Bratin Saha will lead product strategy, development, infrastructure, and security for DigitalOcean, and his goal is to make the company the best cloud option for developers. 

He was previously at AWS as vice president and general manager of AI, ML, and data infrastructure, and before that was NVIDIA’s vice president of software infrastructure. 

“I am thrilled to join DigitalOcean today to lead the product and technology teams,” said Saha. “DigitalOcean has a strong developer following and is well poised for path breaking innovation. By applying the latest breakthroughs such as generative AI, we will differentiate ourselves as the simplest and most productive platform for developers and growing technology businesses.”

Sumo Logic announces two new appointments 

The company is appointing John Visneski as chief information security officer and Lyndsey Filantres as senior vice president of growth. 

Visneski has experience leading security operations at a number of large companies, including Accolade, Amazon, MGM Studios, and The Pokémon Company International.

Filantres has over 20 years of experience in marketing, brand management, and product-led business development, at companies like Accolade, GitHub, New Relic, Avalara, and SAP Concur.

Workflow orchestration company RAVEL updates executive teams with three new members

Phillipa Carroll has been named chief product officer, Kaveh Gourdarzian has been named VP of product and engineering, and Chad Knowles has been named chief revenue officer.

“Not only have I known each of these talented executives for ten plus years, but I know what each of them is capable of and how they will rapidly accelerate this business to meet the demands of our much-needed orchestration software,” said Denise Muyco, CEO and co-founder of RAVEL. “While they bring vast operational and managerial experience to our staff from every size of organization, they are also entrepreneurs at heart who are unafraid of rolling up their sleeves and delivering creative new ways to overcome challenges. It’s a thrill to be working alongside every one of them.” 

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