Biden’s New Post-Debate Ad Quickly Backfires When Viewers Call Out Serious Problems

Thursday’s disastrous debate performance from President Joe Biden will likely haunt him for years to come.

That is if he can even remember it that far down the road.

It’s certainly haunting the Democratic presidential nominee as of this week as he attempts to bounce back from the bad optics and plummeting poll numbers.

Knowing how poorly he performed, Biden and his team attempted to shift the narrative from the president’s ailing mental state on Monday.

They did so via an advertisement making the case that, while Biden performed poorly (yes, even the president himself is admitting that at this point), at least he didn’t lie.


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As reported by Spectrum News 1, the new campaign ad contains footage from a recent speech the president gave at a North Carolina rally on Friday, the day after the debate.

After listing off a plethora of supposed “lies” Trump told on Thursday, Biden ended the ad by telling voters that while he may be old, at least he knows “how to tell the truth.”

Is President Biden a serial liar?

“Folks, I know I’m not a young man. But I know how to do this job. I know right from wrong. I know how to tell the truth,” Biden said. “And I know like millions of Americans know: When you get knocked down, you get back up.”

The advertisement didn’t work out quite like Biden’s team was hoping.

Numerous commenters online were quick to point out that Biden did lie — repeatedly — during the debate.

In fact, this was so much the case that even fact-checkers on CNN — who normally use rhetorical semantics to cover for Democrats while attacking Republicans — fact-checked him on numerous points.


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As noted by prominent X account ALX, the president pushed the “fine people” hoax — which has been debunked an endless number of times — and the “bloodbath” hoax, in two dishonest attacks on former President Trump’s character.

Another user pointed out that Trump did in fact tell Jan. 6 protesters to stand down and not cause violence ahead of the Capitol incursion, despite what Biden claims.

There were many more comments where those two came from.

Hilariously enough, in the advertisement itself, Biden lies numerous times. In fact, pretty much every claim the president made was either a lie or deeply misleading.

One great example is when he attacked Trump’s economic record.

Trump did lead an impeccable economy right up until the 2020 pandemic, which would have arguably tanked any Democratic president’s economy.

After all, do you think Joe Biden was going to enforce fewer lockdowns? The guy tried to make large companies mandate vaccinations!

That’s about as misleading as Biden’s job creation claims — you shouldn’t get credit for “creating” jobs just because you happened to be the sitting president when people returned to work post-pandemic.

Thankfully, the American people are beginning to see through Biden’s lies.

Based on the debate fallout, which led to an even greater number of Americans waking up to this reality, there’s a good chance Biden will never recover.

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