Nofo Studios and Small Town Values Podcast give a voice to the community

As a lifelong entrepreneur on the North Fork, real estate broker Doug Cabral, knows how difficult it can be to launch a small business. So, a few months ago he started a YouTube channel called Nofo Studios to create a platform to help the region’s small businesses launch to success.

“My way to give back was to create Nofo Studios to let other people tell the story of who they are and help them launch whatever they’re looking to do,” Mr. Cabral said.

The studio, located on Main Road in Mattituck, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology like Røde microphones, cameras and editing equipment. Mr. Cabral uses software to allow him to live-stitch or live edit as the conversation is happening.

Nofo Studios on Main Road in Mattituck where Doug Cabral and Vincent Guastamacchia record Small Town Values Podcast. (Melissa Azofeifa photo)

“It’s set up at any given time to do an interview with four people,” he said.  “It’s not just for real estate; it’s stories, local stuff, if somebody has something that’s important [and wants to talk] about something happening in the town … come on and let’s talk about it and let’s put it out there so it’s giving people the voice.”  

Small businesses are invited to appear on the channel with or without guests and tell their business’ story. He also helps the businesses come up with short form videos to promote on their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

“We’re just helping them build their business, helping them build their brand,” Mr. Cabral said.

Through Nofo Studios, Mr. Cabral will put out new content on the channel monthly. He hopes for the studio to be a place where inspirational and motivational stories get told.

As a perfect example of what Mr. Cabral wants to do with the studio, he teamed up with his like-minded friend Vincent Guastamacchia and provides him the equipment and space to record and launch the new Small Town Values podcast.

“We can grow together as he’s growing and I’m growing and we help each other,” Mr. Guastamacchia said. “My whole concept of Small Town Values is everyone helps each other. With the tide all ships rise.”

Mr. Guastamacchia came up with the idea of the podcast in 2020. It is a production of Permiter Agency, a company launched by Mr. Guastamacchia that has rebranded several times. It started out as a security and surveillance agency and now is a consulting agency working in the construction, agriculture, security, and litigation management industries.

 Mr. Guastamacchia began working in agriculture on the North Fork in 2019. He currently resides in Southold.

He fell in love with farming so much after moving to the area he did it “for free,” and taught himself about zoning and other town regulations along the way. As a former detective in New York City, he uses his negotiation and active listening skills to host the podcast and make sure listeners get both sides of the issue being discussed.

“We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason,” Mr. Guastamacchia noted. “Why? Because we’re supposed to listen twice as much as we speak, only then can you have effective communication,” he continued. “You’re not listening if you’re thinking about what you’re going to say to contradict what you heard because you didn’t want to hear it, so I hear from both sides.”

Each episode will last about an hour — which Mr. Guastamacchia hopes to release weekly –- and will focus on issues happening across each of the hamlets on the North Fork. His first episode highlighted Mattituck and the second focused on Cutchogue.

Aside from featuring local voices and business spotlights, there will also be segments on exploration and tourism that will showcase some of the must-see destinations in the area. He also plans to hold discussions on sustainability, health and wellness and celebrations of love in a small town, according to the Small Town Values podcast website.

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