SonarCloud integrates with Amazon CodeCatalyst to promote Clean Code practices

Sonar has announced a new integration of its code review tool, SonarCloud, with Amazon CodeCatalyst to help improve the development process for cloud-based applications. 

Amazon CodeCatalyst is a platform that provides blueprints for setting up software development projects in AWS, including setting up project tools, managing CI/CD pipelines, provisioning and configuring development environments, and more.

The goal of this integration is to improve the overall quality of application code by enforcing quality or “Clean Code” best practices throughout the software development life cycle for applications built using CodeCatalyst. 

“An increasing number of developers are writing code and building apps in the cloud. We created SonarCloud to provide these developers an easy way to achieve a state of Clean Code, designing a tool that seamlessly integrates with DevOps platforms,” said Fabrice Bellingard, VP of products at Sonar. “Our growing collaboration with AWS will help more cloud-based development teams create high-quality code with our unique Clean as You Code methodology.” 

Nicolas Pujol, ISV Partner Management Leader in EMEA at AWS, added: “Customers building apps need to release code early and often, and with solid DevOps practices and tools. Sonar has done a great job giving developers and DevOps leaders solutions to be more productive, and we’re excited to collaborate to make these tools available to AWS customers.” 

Sonar has also announced that it received an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) certification, which indicates it follows specific guidelines around reducing risk in security, reliability, and operations. 

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