Watch: Anti-American Agitators Hold Bloodied Biden Mask as DC Protests Humiliate Dems

A horde of protesters surrounded the White House on Saturday in a rally against President Joe Biden and Israel, calling for “intifada,” or an uprising, to occur.

“Chaos” is an understatement of the scene, judging by media and social media reports, as leftists did all sorts of random and destructive acts of defiance.

But as bad as it made the protesters look, it made Biden and his Democratic Party look even worse.

The main showing of the protest appears to be the long red banner that stretched around the White House which they called “people’s red line,” a physical representation of them condemning Biden for not withholding military aid to Israel in its war on the terrorist group Hamas.


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However, in one scene that was particularly ugly for Biden and his Democrats, one man held up a mask of Biden that appeared to be bloodied while the mob chanted bloodthirsty slogans about Israel.

Chants such as “We don’t want no two-state, we’re taking back ’48” and “the red line should have been 1948” were also frequently shouted according to Mediaite, protesting the creation of Israel itself.

Do you enjoy watching the left eat their own?

“Protestors were seen burning US flags and demanding that US President Joe Biden enforce a Gaza ‘red line’ while holding signs that read ‘Genocide is our red line’ and ‘Israel bombs, your taxes pay,’” according to the Jerusalem Post.

Smoke bombs were a prominent feature of the protest, with the air being consistently polluted around the location.


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Of course, no liberal protest would be complete without speakers who threw out buzzwords without any actual meaning behind their words.

One Students for Justice in Palestine speaker claimed that the United States and George Washington University are “organized crime syndicates that racketeer on native populations,” naturally providing no evidence for their claims.

The protest is nothing new, being the typical anti-American mess that leftist protests tend to be, but notably this time they’re also heavily protesting their Democrat leaders — an embarrassment to the leadership of the party.

Biden was a centerpiece of this liberal protest with chants against him and his administration being frequent in the crowd.

The commander in chief has unmasked himself in his three years in the White House, openly pursuing a leftist agenda. In Israel’s war against the savages of Hamas, he’s attempted to appease the extremists in his party at times, pushing on Israel but failing to go to the lengths that the anti-Semitics want him to go.

And his payback is a humiliating scene in the nation’s capital as the left eats its own.

There’s a massive divide among Democrats at the moment with swaths of voters being pulled along by anti-Israel rhetoric while the more grounded members of the party push back.

But this is what happens when you allow a wing of your party to toss around radical ideas and refuse to ever properly push back against them.

Joe Biden has failed at being a strong ally to Israel during the conflict in Gaza and has failed to keep his party together — a loss on both ends.

The scene on Saturday proved it.

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