Southold Blotter: Dead raccoons and defecation on private properties

A 20-year-old Mattituck woman contacted Southold police May 28 to report that “provocative pictures” of her were being circulated on a group Snapchat thread that included about 10 people, authorities said. She said the pictures in question had been sent to a former boyfriend — who was in the group chat “many years prior.” The woman, who had previously reported a threat to herself to police, said there were no nude pictures of her in the group chat. Police advised her to block everyone on the thread, and to contact police should any indecent pictures of her appear online. The investigating officer “advised [the woman] of the dangers of sending nude photographs and the use of Snapchat.”

• On May 27, a Southold resident reported an ongoing issue with fishermen leaving trash and defecating near her home, according to police. A responding officer directed the resident to contact Suffolk County Park Rangers, who issue violations for incidents on county park property.

• A Cutchogue man contacted authorities May 27 after lending his phone and some clothes to a friend who refused to return them, according to police. A responding officer asked the friend to give the items to the man and they were returned.

• Police responded to a report May 28 about a Southold man sitting in front of the Peconic Community School in Cutchogue at about 3 p.m. who refused to leave. In a police interview, the man stated “he was mad that people were placing dead raccoons on his property.” He agreed to leave the area when police asked.

• A Southold woman contacted police May 29 to report that roughly $7,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen from her home within the past month, according to authorities. The woman told an investigating officer that three people she identified were the only ones who had been in the house, and there was no sign of a break-in or criminal activity. Nevertheless, the woman was “adamant” that at least one of the trio was innocent of any alleged theft.

Those who are named in police reports have not been convicted of any crime or violation. The charges against them may later be reduced or withdrawn, or they may be found innocent.

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