NYPD Has Its Eyes on Trump, Expected to Strip Him of License After Conviction

CORRECTION, June 6, 2024: Former President Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records but was convicted by a New York jury. An earlier version of this article inaccurately described the case.

After mostly upholding the Second Amendment rights of Americans during his time in the Oval Office, former President Donald Trump is about to have his own gun rights trampled by the Democrats controlling New York.

Trump has maintained his concealed carry license for quite some time, at least during the entire time he was in office and thereafter.

But when Trump was indicted in March 2023, the state of New York decided to quietly suspend his carry license with two of the three pistols registered under him being surrendered to the New York Police Department, per CNN.

The third gun was “lawfully moved to Florida,” the outlet reported.

But now the license is on the brink of being taken as the NYPD is readying to revoke the Republican’s license to carry.


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It is a federal crime for felons to possess a firearm.

After being convicted of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, Trump has been forced to carry that title.

In response, the legal bureau of the NYPD will conduct an investigation “that will likely lead to revocation of his license,” a senior police officer told CNN.

Trump will have the ability to challenge the revocation in a hearing, though with the disdain that the New York legal system clearly has against the politician, it would likely be a lost cause.

Is Trump being persecuted?

While of course Trump does not need to carry a gun since he has constant Secret Service protection, it shows just how far the leftists are going to prosecute and torment him.

Yes, it is common for the state of New York to revoke gun licenses for criminals after their convictions, but this is far from a typical case.

Trump has been politically prosecuted by the state of New York and the vengeful Democrats who run it.

Taking away his license is just another way for them to chastise and punish him.

They’re taking advantage of a case with numerous, large red flags to revoke his constitutionally guaranteed rights, because they can.


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What will they do next?

Put him on probation so they can watch everything he does?

Force him to pay immense sums of money in an attempt to bankrupt him?

Those in charge are truly all-in against Trump simply because he fought for an America that didn’t fit their leftist worldview.

If they’re able to do all of this to him, imagine what they can do to an average American without the resources of the former president.

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