Don’t Be Fooled, Biden’s New Executive Order Does Not ‘Secure the Border’ – Here’s What It Really Does

Thank goodness, after fumbling border security for almost his entire administration, President Joe Biden is finally ready to take control and protect Americans.

Well, kind of. And only because he’s desperately trying to improve his image before the November election.

The Biden administration has had an infamously bad border, allowing millions to cross illegally into the country since he took office.

Worse yet, the massive issue is entirely his fault as when he first took office in 2021, he undid nearly everything that former President Donald Trump had done to secure the southern border.

So after millions of illegal immigrants poured over our border under his watch, on Tuesday he finally signed an executive order to handle the border issue.


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Well, again, not really.

What President Biden signed on Tuesday shuts down asylum requests once the average number of daily encounters tops 2,500 between official ports of entry, according to NBC News. But it’s far too little, and far too late.

He talked big talk whenever appearing before news reporters, proudly proclaiming that “The border is not a political issue to be weaponized.”

But the weaponization of the border is exactly what this order is really all about. Biden is trying to turn an obvious weakness for the president into a projection of strength for American voters Democrats hope are gullible enough to be fooled by it.

Have Biden’s policies caused our current immigration crisis?

What it really does is give Biden a Band-Aid on the bleeding wound his illegal immigration policies have caused to his re-election campaign.

While the executive order and what the senile politician says certainly paints a picture that it will solve the issue of border security, everyone who is capable of basic thought processes has already seen through this desperate ploy for approval.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Biden for waiting so long before taking any measure to tackle the issue, deciding to only act when it benefited his image.

“This is like turning a garden hose on a five-alarm fire, and the American people are not fools. They know that this play is too little too late,” the long-time senator said.


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Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz had similar sentiments on the matter, noting how the United States is “facing the worst illegal immigration our nation has ever seen.”

And he blamed Biden squarely for the problem.

“When Joe Biden came into office, he inherited the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. All he had to do was nothing,” Cruz added.

“But instead, he deliberately broke the system.”

House Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, a Republican from Lousiana, called out Biden for claiming that he’s done “all [he] can do.”

“He was asked why he wouldn’t use his extensive executive order to address the border catastrophe that he created and 126 days ago he looked into the camera and said ‘I’m out of options, I’ve done all I can do.’”

Of course, now that the election is coming up, Biden appears to have more options on what he can do.

It’s abundantly clear that Biden is only issuing this weak executive order for the sake of saving face.

He has meticulously crafted the disaster that pushed Americans to the edge and is now attempting to do the bare minimum to cash in on some quick approval points.

The country will see in November if it works.

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