Adele Launches Pro-LGBT Tantrum Onstage After Fan’s Comment, But She Actually Misheard Him

If you go looking for a problem under every nook and cranny, you will inevitably find one.

In 2024, people are so obsessed with the idea that the LGBT is somehow oppressed, they are actively looking for “oppression” to be outraged about.

Pop singer Adele did just this at a concert, mishearing a fan in the crowd and assuming that he said “pride sucks,” launching her into a hateful, pro-LGBT tirade.

During a performance at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas, on Saturday, the singer was talking to fans when the needlessly heated exchange began.

Adele was saying how “Friday is the beginning of [her] week because basically, that when [she] work[s]” to which an enthusiastic fan shouted, “Work sucks!”


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The idea that work sucks is far from controversial as many people are far from thrilled with what they have to do for work, undoubtedly something this crowd member felt.

However, rather than agreeing with the sentiment, the 16-time Grammy winner decided to begin berating the fan, assuming that he said “Pride sucks.”

(“Pride” month began on Saturday.)

Are you noticing “pride month” being pushed less this year than in the past?

“What was that? Did you just say ‘Pride sucks?’” she snapped back.

“Did you come to my f***ing show and just say that Pride sucks? Are you f***ing stupid? Don’t be so f***ing ridiculous.”

“If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, alright?” she finished before continuing the show.

Of course, countless outlets and pundits immediately jumped behind Adele and praised her for standing up for the LGBT crowd.

Entertainment Weekly, People and many other publications covered the story and the singer’s history of cursing out people.


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Even in the above Page Six video, the outlet described the yelling fan as “homophobic.”

Fans of her especially rallied behind the popstar, in utterly inane ways.

Despite acknowledging that she likely misheard the fan, Adele’s fans were saying it doesn’t matter that she bashed an innocent man because they like the overall message.

Responses like “Adele still mothered so [we don’t care]” and “We don’t care she ate” were concerningly common responses from fans.

Who cares that an innocent person is being smeared when The Message™ needs to be spread?

To recap: A man responded to Adele speaking about work by saying “Work sucks.” Adele then immediately assumed that he was attacking the LGBT community and promptly began to berate the man and now her fans and mainstream outlets are praising her for yelling at someone for something they didn’t do because they like social activism.

The entire situation is quite disgusting as it shows how leftists are actively looking to feel oppressed so they can then make a stink about it for attention. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This should really go without saying: Not everything is about LGBT people.

Chances are if you’re talking about work, someone is going to say something in response that is related to work.

Adele and that crowd need to realize that unlike them, not everybody spends 24/7 thinking about how wonderful the LGBT community supposedly is.

No, most people actually have important things to think about, unlike the LGBT crowd.

Stop force-feeding the alphabet soup to everyone and anyone, especially if it means besmirching innocent people.

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