J6er Reveals When Jesus Saved His Life from FBI – ‘They Were Itching for Something to Happen’

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A Texas man says in the new documentary film “Capitol Punishment 2: The War on Truth” that it’s only by the grace of God that he and likely some of the FBI agents who raided his home in June 2022 did not die that day.

“The War on Truth” is the sequel to the successful 2021 documentary “Capitol Punishment,” and it primarily deals with injustices that have been meted out through the prosecutions of those who participated in the January 6, 2021 protest at the Capitol.

“The War on Truth,” like the first film, is produced by actor Nick Searcy, who appears throughout it.

Darrel Kennemer and his wife Lora DeWolfe of Texas attended the Capitol protest. They did not go in the building, nor assault anyone, nor damage property they told the San Marcos Daily Record.


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Nonetheless, early in the morning on June 22, 2022 the alarm went off at their rural seven acre property north of San Antonio.

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“They busted down the gate,” Kennemer said. “She hollers, ‘It’s a vehicle.’ I look over and there’s a white Suburban, no lights, no red-and-blue lights, nothing. No markings” driving toward their home.

Kennemer had grabbed his AR-15 and was standing outside his house. He explained that with all the illegal border crossings and leftist agitators like antifa and BLM living in the country, he had his gun loaded with armor piercing rounds.

Soon other vehicles followed, including a SWAT BearCat.

“It pulls up maybe 10 feet from his face. All these guys jump out with lasers, say ‘FBI drop your weapon,’” Kennemer recounted.

“Show me a warrant,” he responded. After this back-and-forth three times, the agents threw a flashbang grenade by his feet and then another followed by a smoke grenade.

With gun lasers trained on him from all directions, Kennemer complied putting down his gun.

“I know for a fact there were a couple of them that were itching for me to do something, and it wasn’t going to happen,” he said.

“I could have shot the car several times,” he recalled, referring to the White Suburban. “This is what really irritates me about the whole thing is I could have killed somebody because they didn’t identify themselves.”

Kennemer and DeWolfe were handcuffed and taken into custody for questioning.

FBI agents showed Kennemer a fuzzy picture and asked whether it was him. Apparently the man in the picture had assaulted an officer on Jan. 6.

Kennemer told the FBI agents that it was not him and agreed to sign a paper confirming so under a penalty of a seven-year prison sentence, if he was lying.

DeWolfe was shocked that the fuzzy picture of her husband was basis for the raid.

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“This is what all of this is about. This is the only proof that they gave the judge who signed off on our warrant,” she said. “I was incredulous.”

Neither Kennemer, nor DeWolfe were ultimately charged with a crime, based on a search of the Department of Justice of Capitol Breach Cases database.

They have since placed a sign on their front gate, which reads: “FBI/ATF/SWAT, Please Do Not Break Gate. You Have Our Phone Number. Just Call!”

“I know for a fact there were a couple of them, they were itching for me to do something,” Kennemer said. “It just wasn’t going to happen.”

“It could have gone really bad. I know I would not be here, but I’m thinking at least one of them would not be,” Kennemer added, thinking back to that morning.

He realized that if he had killed one or more FBI agents that would have been the news story his grandkids would have had to live with, not that an unmarked vehicle had busted through their grandfather’s gate and raced toward his house.

Kennemer became emotional: “Talk about a come to Jesus moment, man. He saved their lives and mine. There’s no doubt.”

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